APP70-14 JACOBABAD: April 14 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addressing to a public gathering at Numaish Ground. APP photo by Nadeem Akhtar

JACOBABAD, April 14 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday announced a development grant of Rs 1 billion and mega development projects like the electrification of villages, gas supply, women vocational training centre and a PASSCO centre for the neglected Jacobabad District.
“For me, Jacobabad is the most deserving city of development funds. If Islamabad, Lahore or any other developed city is given Rs 100 crores, Jacobabad deserves Rs 200 crores. The people of Jacobabad should also look prosperous like those of Lahore and Islamabad,” the prime minister said addressing a huge public gathering here that braved the sizzling weather to hear him as the mercury touched 48 Celsius here.
The prime minister was accompanied by Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafiq, PML-N senior leader Ilahi Bakhsh Soomro, Senators Salim Zia and Raheela Magsi, Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme Marvi Memon and Special Assistant to PM Asif Kirmani.
He said presence of such a huge crowd in scorching heat, proved that the people of Sindh had pinned great hopes at the PML-N as the provincial government had failed to cope with their needs.
He questioned as why the Sindh government had shattered the hopes of their people for failing to provide roads, schools and hospital and even clean drinking water.The Prime Minister announced to provide 100 power transformers to cope with district’s needs besides committing to launch his health insurance card scheme without any delay to provide medical treatment from both government and private hospitals without any charges.
He said the approval in writing in this regard would also be given after returning to Islamabad. He also approved the demand of gas pipelines for Jacobabad.
As pointed out by the local party leader, the Prime Minister announced to fund the medical treatment of Pervaiz Ahmed, a youngster suffering blood cancer.
He observed that the enthusiasm of the people of Jacobabad manifested their disappointment from their provincial government.
As told by party leader, he said it was deplorable that Jacobabad had the highest number of hepatitis B patients. Even in 21st century, the situation of Jacobabad looked 100 year-old where nothing was changed, he added.
He said had the provincial government delivered, the people would not have pinned such hopes on him.
“Time will change, Insha Allah. Now the only sloganeering will not earn votes. Rather performance will bring about votes. Only the one feeling people’s pains deserves to be called the government,” he remarked.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in its every tenure, the PML-N government prioritized the restoration of peace in country and exemplified Karachi situation that had been earlier crippled by the gangsters, terrorism and chaos. He wished just like revival of peace, the city had also witnessed development works which currently featured the heaps of garbage.
He said the federal government was carrying out development projects in Punjab, Balochistan and Islamabad which should also be replicated in Sindh and KP provinces.
He said Rs 100 crores development fund would help provision of drinking water, improvement of flood-ravaged roads and other infrastructure projects to the people of Jacobabad.
He assured to monitor the usage of the funds to ensure transparency.
Nawaz Sharif said the people of Sindh would feel a clear difference vis-…-vis development by the federal government and the one by Sindh government.
“We are building motorways, even in Sindh. We are installling power plants. Time is about to come when the load-shedding will be completely ended,” he resolved.President PML-N Jacobabad Aslam Abro presented traditional Sindhi Ajrak (shawl) and Sindhi cap to the prime minister as well as the other dignitaries at the stage.
Earlier, addressing the charged crowd, Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq said the presence of thousands of the people did demonstrate their desire to get rid of the government of the feudal lords in Sindh.
He said it was only the PML-N leadership, not the PPP, which always came forward to support the flood-hit people of Sindh.
Referring to the Sindh Chief Minister’s warning to federal government on gas supply issue, he said the Sindh government had 49 per cent share in Noori Abad Power Plant while a private owner had 51 per cent.
He questioned the gathering whether they knew who was the private owner and the crowd shouted ‘Zardari.’
He said the provincial government was bound to give Rs 1 billion guarantee prior to getting gas supply.
The minister said the PPP leadership had been befooling the people in name of Zulfiqar Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto but never delivered for people’s betterment.
He said Sindh government was hindering the construction of a 400-km portion of Motorway in the province, linking it with restoration of gas supply to the said power plant.
He said the PPP leadership compelled them to expose the real story behind the issue of gas supply.
The railways minister said the PML-N would clean sweep the PPP in Sindh as the latter had launched green bus, water supply, motorways and other development projects in the province.
He viewed that the development in Sindh did not suit the PPP leadership as the prosperity would pose a challenge to the rule of feudals.
He said Karachi had been turned into a heap of garbage and questioned where the Rs45 billion development fund had gone that had been allocated for Jacobabad’s development.
Brushing aside the PPP leaders’ criticism, he said after winning all seats from Lahore, the PML-N always returned to people through development projects but contrarily, the PPP had turned even Larkana into ruins.
PML-N leader Aslam Abro said Nawaz Sharif’s services for uplift of the people of Sindh were unforgettable and CPEC would create employment opportunities for around 2.6 million people.
He thanked the prime minister for development of motorway in Sindh, Liyari Expressway, Green Bus in Karachi, mega water supply project and improvement of power supply system.
He said health infrastructure in Jacobabad district was in shambles and also called for improvement of education facilities in the area.
He requested the prime minister to announce development of residential colony for around 50,000 Hindus living in Jacobabad. He also demanded Rs1.5 million for renovation of the worship places of the minorities.
In his address, PML-N Sindh President Babu Sarfraz Jatoi said Nawaz Sharif was the first prime minister to visit Jacobabad which manifested his love for the people of the area.