PLA’s exercise displays strong combat capability in plateau locations


BEIJING, July 17 (APP): Executive Editor of Ordnance Knowledge magazine, Qin Zhen said on Monday that the recent exercises have displayed the strong combat capability of the People’s Liberation Army’s plateau units.
The Chinese Army has recently carried out a live-fire assault exercise
on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, intending to improve its troops’ combat capability on such locations.
Qin Zhen told “China Daily” that the Chinese military developed a number of lightweight weapons such as a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle and a new light tank to meet requirements of mountain operations in recent years.
Xiao Ning, editor-in-chief of Weapon magazine, said the new light tank
features strong firepower, advanced armor and good mobility, so it is suitable for deployment on plateaus.
Senior Colonel Wu Qian, a Defense Ministry spokesman, confirmed at a
news briefing in late June that a new type of tank was being tested on plateaus in Tibet.
The light tank is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic suspension system that ensures good maneuverability and survivability in mountainous regions, noting its main weapon is a 105-mm gun that is able to fire shells and guided missiles.
The exercise was conducted by a ground combat brigade of the PLA Tibet Regional Command this month and involved scenarios such as rapid deployment, multiunit joint strike and anti-aircraft defense.
Before the exercise, the brigade mobilized all of its members and
equipment and took six hours to transport them from the barracks to the drill zone at an altitude of 5,000 meters on the plateau.
Videos published by the military showed soldiers used flamethrowers,
rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns to strike bunkers while various types of heavy weapons were employed in the exercise, including mortars, self-propelled howitzers, multiple rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles.
The exercise effectively tested the brigade’s joint strike capability on
Earlier this month, PLA Daily, the military’s flagship newspaper,
reported that a ground combat brigade of the Tibet Regional Command conducted a live-fire war game at an unidentified area with an altitude of 5,100 m.
The report said the brigade has new types of weapons after a structural reform this year, improving its combat capability so that it is stronger than before.