PIA clarifies reports about fault in flight PK-719


KARACHI, Jan 29 (APP): A spokesman for the Pakistan International
Airlines (PIA) here on Sunday clarified media reports regarding flight PK-719 (Lahore-Milan-Paris) having a technical fault before its take
off from Lahore, and termed such reports as “totally baseless and misleading”.
“The aircraft was fully airworthy at the time of take off from
Lahore. Probably a bird or some other foreign object hit the tail of
the aircraft, slightly damaging it, shortly before it landed at Milan”,
the spokesman for the national flag carrier said.
“This was detected during routine inspection carried out before
each flight. The passengers who had to travel onward to Paris were
sent through another airline,” the spokesman remarked.
The aircraft is being repaired and would soon be made operational,
he added.