People welcome zero hour load-shedding on 62% feeders


ISLAMABAD, Dec 4 (APP):People from different walks of life have hailed the government decision to exempt over 62 per cent feeders of power load-shedding and said that it would help ease their miseries.
They were of the views that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government had fulfilled another promise made with the people during the general election campaign 2013.
They said that they and the industries were facing prolonged power outage for around 16 to 18 hour load-shedding before the inception of PML-N government which had badly crippled not only the industrial sector but also life routine.
However, soon after coming into power, the incumbent government took pragmatic steps to cope with energy crisis and managed to bridge the gap between demand and supply, they said.
A student Humeria Sharif, was of the views that her study was badly affected due to frequent power load-shedding as she could not prepare her assignments properly. It also affected their preparation during the examination, she added.
An official of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Muhammad Afzal said that exemption from load-shedding would save their money being spent on alternative energy sources like buying generators, UPS and solar panels.
Various Trade Unions of twine cities also hailed the decision and said that business activities would further increase due to zero hour load-shedding .
It is pertinent to mention here that currently, 2700 MW surplus electricity is available in the system despite less hydel generation.
Earlier, in winter season, the people have to face 8-10 hour load-shedding due to gap of 1500 MW in demand and supply.
Similarly, out of total 8,600 feeders, only 326 were exempted from power load-shedding while now zero load-shedding would be carried out on 5297 feeders across the country. Some 15 million consumers will take benefit from it.