ISLAMABAD, Jul 18 (APP):Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate nominated for reserved seat Nafeesa Kahttak Wednesday said that the people in Election Commission and the interim government must come out on July 25 and cast their vote for those politicians who really want to do something for progress of the country.
Talking to APP, she said now people want change and are expecting it from PTI by initiating development projects throughout the country for uplift of society. She said PTI has strong election manifesto which addresses all outstanding issues of the people. She said that the people have widely hailed the Party’s manifesto and assured their support for PTI.
She said that past governments did nothing for the welfare of the people and misled them. She added not a single project was initiated in past tenure for the betterment of people. She said that there were several flaws in education and health policies of past governments due to their lack of interest in these areas. She added now the people are conscious about their basic rights and fully aware about the tactics of such politicians who did nothing for them in past and now again requesting them for their vote.
She expressed the hope that PTI will win the upcoming elections as people have decided to cast their vote in favour of only those candidates who are enjoying good reputation in public.