People to reject retrogressive elements in 2018 as well: PM

People to reject retrogressive elements in 2018 as well: PM

KASUR, Oct 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Saturday said their political rivals were out to stall an unprecedented and historic development undertaken by his  government to fully transform Pakistan into a stable and  prosperous county, but the people would reject those elements  in the 2018 general election as well.

Those political elements wanted to obstruct and sabotage
the pace of progress and development as it had heralded a demise
to their political career, he told a huge public gathering in
Phool Nagar.

The Prime Minister said his political adversaries had  realized that if the current wave of fast-track progress and  development continued by the PML-N government, then it would  end their political career by 2018. Their such demise was  imminent, he added.

“They want to take revenge from the people as you have rejected them in the last elections. They know that the people will also reject them in 2108 as well,” he added.

He said they did not fear anything except Allah Almighty  or could be subdued by anyone. His rivals even did not endure miseries of jail while himself had undergone such ordeals in the Attock jail.

“When we were in jails, they were running the dictator’s referendum campaign,” he added.

Such elements had now been enjoying the fruits of democracy for which sacrifices were given by his party, political parties, lawyers, and civil society members at that time, he said.

The Prime Minister told the fully charged gathering chanting slogans in his support, that the public mandate had always been  ordained by Almighty Allah and assured them that their elected government
would not only complete its recent five-year term but Insha’Allah
the next five years tenure also after 2018 election.

He said such political party even insulted its public mandate
in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Prime Minister said a new dawn involving his dream of
the country’s progress and prosperity had emerged and announced that 2016 would be far better than 2013.

Pakistan was now economically and financially more stable with
terrorism at the verge of complete elimination while the power
outages woes were nearly ending, he added.

The Prime Minister said in 2018, Pakistan would also stand
distinct in terms of peace, progress and prosperity.

He recalled the 18-20 hours loadshedding haunting the whole
countrymen during 2013, and said the power outages had been
immensely reduced and by 2018, the same would end forever.
He said the power tariff had also been slashed for  domestic consumers, industrialists and agriculturalists.

Comparatively, in 2013 per unit price was about Rs 18, but its
price now stood around Rs 10 per unit, he said adding that power
tariff would be further reduced.

Such achievement could only be made through hard work, a hallmark
of his government, he said.

Referring to Bhikki LNG power plant being installed near the
area, he said dozens of power and energy projects were being completed throughout the country which were unprecedented in Pakistan’s history.

The Prime Minister questioned why anyone in the past took
pains to embark upon such development projects.

“Why Musharraf’s government and the subsequent government
failed to perform in this regard?” he asked the gathering and said
the difference was that his government had the realization of
masses’ agonies and woes.

The Prime Minister also questioned dislodging of his government in 1999, which was completing the Motorway projects.

Nobody expanded the Motorway project after his government was
illegally forced out which was a huge injustice with the people of
Pakistan, he added.

He said the government was now expanding the Motorway
networks throughout the country. In Balochistan province alone, a
grand network of roads was being completed whereas the work on
Gwadar port continued, he added.

He said his government had fought terrorism and this fight had
been in the last stages for which the personnel of armed forces had

He said,”Pakistan is on the path of peace and heading towards
acme of development.”

The Prime Minister also lauded China as a sincere friend and in
an apparent reference to China Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said
with its completion, a new era of development would brighten up
Pakistan in the coming years.

Under his government, the PIA and Railways were on the mend,
besides mammoth projects of farms to market roads and supply of
drinking water were underway, he added.

Upon the demand of elected representatives and public, the
Prime Minister announced Rs 500 million each for gas supply and
health, road and education sectors for NA-141, besides Rs 300 million
for the lift irrigation scheme.

He also announced Rs 500 million for NA-142 for provision of
health and education facilities, besides Rs 1 billion for supply of
gas to PP-183 and 184.

He said a separate highway would be constructed to connect
Phool Nagar with Lahore to Abdul Hakeem and Multan motorway.