PEMRA forwards Akram Sheikh’s complaints against some TV channels to COC


ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory
Authority (PEMRA) has forwarded complaints filed separately by
Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, Mohammad Akram Sheikh and
anchorperson Esshal Ali (Afshan Butt) against some TV channels to
the Council of Complaint (CoC) Lahore for hearing.
Advocate Akram Sheikh has complained that the TV channels News
One, ARY News, Channel 24 and Channel-92 unleashed a malicious and
defamatory campaign against his recent visit to Riyadh.
News One’s Anchorperson Dr Shahid Masood played a central role in that negative campaign, the complainant complained.
The complainant states that the above-mentioned TV channels in
order to sensationalize news for their own personal agenda distorted
the facts about his alleged participation in the summit. By doing so
they also misinterpreted his professional status to the Saudi
government/ organizers of the summit.
According to the complainant Dr Shahid Masood in “Live with
Dr Shahid Masood” aired on News One, Maria Memon in “Sawaal Yeh
Hai” aired on ARY News and Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain in his show,
“DNA” aired on Channel 24 particularly hurled baseless allegations
and participated in the malicious campaign against him.
In the complaint by anchorperson Esshal Ali (Afshan Butt)
against Channel 24/City 42, she accused the TV channels of treating
her unfairly, violating the written contract and unlawfully
withholding her salary despite signing the contract with her.
Unfortunately, many journalists and TV anchors are complaining
against TV channels for exploiting the rights of the working
journalists. Both the cases have been referred to the Lahore Council
of Complaints for hearing in its upcoming meeting.