APP08-11 WASHINGTON D.C: May 11 – Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry in a group photo with the delegation of US Journalists during call on before undertaking of upcoming visit to Pakistan organized by ICFJ. APP

WASHINGTON, May 11 (APP): Describing peace in Afghanistan as inevitable
for regional stability, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Chaudhry said that Islamabad would take active part along with all other partners to find a political solution to Afghan problem.
Talking to a 6-member delegation of US journalists, who are scheduled to
visit Pakistan soon, the Ambassador said that history beared testimony to the fact that instability in Afghanistan always had a spillover effect in other countries of the region particularly in Pakistan.
“Peace in Afghanistan is imperative for peace in the entire region,”
the Ambassador said adding that Pakistan would actively participate in efforts by partners in finding out a political solution of the Afghan issue.
Referring to a negative perception about Pakistan, Ambassador Chaudhry said that such perceptions were trailing behind and there was a need to look at Pakistan with a fresh perspective.
“Pakistan has made tremendous progress on security and economic fronts and is on the path of sustainable economic development,” he added.
Ambassador Chaudhry briefed the US journalists from various media organizations about the tremendous sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and the tangible results achieved on ground.
He said that successful military operation, “Zarb-e-Azab” has helped in clearing adjoining areas near Pakistan-Afghan border.
The result of counterterrorism operations has salutary impact on Pakistan’s economy as well and all economic indicators were pointing upward.
“Investment is flowing in Pakistan from many countries in the world, including the US,” he added.
Ambassador Chaudhry reiterated that Pakistan had unwavering commitment to eliminate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, adding that Pakistan would not let its soil be used to launch or even plan attack against any other country in the region.
Commenting on Pakistan-US bilateral relations, he said that both Pakistan and USA by working together for decades had benefitted and we believed that Pakistan and US should continue working together in future as well.
The Ambassador greatly appreciated the efforts of International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) in organizing Journalist exchange programs, sponsored by the US State Department.
ICFJ took American journalists to Pakistan and invited Pakistani Journalists to the US on regular basis.
Such exchange initiatives promote harmony and better understanding about different cultures and faiths and bring people from both the countries closer to each other, he concluded.
Meanwhile, new Mission Chief for Pakistan Mr. Jerry Bisson and Assistant to Administrator USAID Mr. Bill Hammink called on Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry at the Embassy and briefed him about USAID Program Portfolio in Pakistan.
They briefed the Ambassador about supporting Government efforts for improving service delivery in health, education, energy and infrastructure development in Pakistan. USAID has project worth $2 billion in pipeline and its completion will bring significant improvement in health, education and other sectors.
Ambassador Chaudhry appreciated USAID efforts and observed that People Centric Projects not only increased USAID’s visibility but also improved the quality of life of a common man in Pakistan.