Peace and Security Situation Improved in Balochistan: Governor Achakzai

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 25 (APP): Governor Balochistan Muhammad Khan Achakzai
has said that peace and security situation in Balochistan has improved over past four years and people have shown determination to fight back terrorists.
While addressing Pakistani community settled in Belgium and
Luxembourg, Muhammad Khan Achakzai said that the consolidation of democratic process in Pakistan has played a positive role towards improving law and order situation all over the country, according to a message received here.
“Today, we can claim with satisfaction that we have restored order in
Balochistan and the terrorism related incidents have reduced considerably” he asserted.
He called upon Pakistani diaspora in the Europe to carry forward this
message, as the people living in Europe can influence the public opinion and
policy makers.
He said that the diaspora in Europe must also convey the reality that
people of Pakistan have no sympathies to the terrorists.
The governor said that education and economic development were pivotal
for meeting up challenges faced by Balochistan and in the recent years the government of Balochistan has given attention to health and education sectors.
“Only in Quetta 35000 people are now engaged in graduate and post-
graduate studies and seven universities are functioning now in Balochistan as compared to only one college in the decade of 60s” Achakzai added.
Highlighting the significance of Balochistan as the hub of
connectivity the Governor said that the province happens to be located at the confluence of many regions. The combination of its geography, population and natural wealth puts Balochistan in an ideal situation for growth and development.
“Several positive developments in recent years makes us, the people of
Balochistan, hopeful that we’ll finally have our dreams come true” the Governor said.
He said to explore and integrate Baluchistan’s potential, Gwadar Port
project was initiated. Located at the mouth of Strait of Hormuz, Gwadar can
become a key transit and trans-shipment hub in the entire region. It is expected that once fully operationalized, Gwadar port will create more than 40,000 jobs, he added.
Replying to a question about Hazara Community, the governor said that
Hazara community had been living in Balochistan for centuries without any
conflict and problem. Now their security was being ensured by providing
protection to all the convoys of Zaireen.
Replying to another question he said that people of Balochistan are
very tolerant by nature and they live peacefully with the followers of other faith and sects.
Speaking at the occasion, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the EU, Belgium
and Luxembourg Mrs Naghmana Hashmi welcomed the governor and said that in this year two high level delegations have visited Belgium which was indicative of growing significance of Balochistan.
She said that Balochistan has contributed in the development of
Pakistan and has a huge potential to contribute further as its location the province is considered to be the gateway to the peace as well as development of the entire region.