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LAHORE, Sep 04 (APP):The newly elected chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, Ehsan Mani, made it clear on Tuesday that the PCB
would not beg or request India on playing bilateral cricket series.
“In my opinion, Indian Board has a contradictory stance and policy on playing cricket with Pakistan; they are ready to fulfil their ICC commitments and even ready to play Pakistan in the Asia Cup, but surprisingly when it matters playing bilateral cricket they have a different stance,” he told the media at his maiden press conference after his election as the PCB chairman here on Tuesday at Gaddafi Stadium.
Mani sounded confidence by saying “I assure you that we will not be begging or requesting India to play bilateral cricket series. Pakistan has its own self-esteem and prestige and we will always uphold it no matter what are the circumstances.”
To a question, he said that he is confident that the International Cricket Council will take a decision on merit on
the case the PCB has filed for claiming damages on India for its refusal not to fulfil it bilateral series commitment with Pakistan.
The newly elected chairman said his specific mandate is to revamp the present cricket structure by bringing in changes to make it quality oriented.
“Right from grassroots level to school, club and region levels of cricket, we want to adopt a system which is ‘Pakistan cricket system’ instead of talking about much talked Australian cricket system, based on our own needs and requirements in the game to prepare back-up squads for different tiers of our national cricket,” Mani said.
He said a task force will be set up to infuse a new life in domestic cricket structure by taking all the stakeholders on board and their useful suggestions will be implemented for the betterment and strengthening our domestic cricket.
“There are lot of challenges we will be facing as our grounds are not in good condition and our stadiums are in bad condition and with PSL matches and foreign teams visiting Pakistan we have to look into this aspect to better our own cricket facilities bringing them at par with the international standards,” chairman PCB said.
Answering a question he said he believed in good professional governance of the PCB as it will yield positive impact on the working of the Board and Pakistan cricket.
In this regard he quoted the example of Australian, England and New Zealand cricket Board where good governance has brought a positive impact on their cricket and established their respective teams status in top notch teams of the world.
“My utmost effort will be to introduce a new system of good governance in the PCB for the overall development of game and to run the PCB on professional lines, making it an institution to sustain all sort of pressure and its performance and progress should not hamper in any circumstances,” he said.
The PCB chairman said that corruption would not be tolerated at any level in the PCB nor in its allied affairs including PSL. “All matters will be dealt in a transparent way and will be made public and we will not be hiding anything in PCB,” he said adding “Auditors have raised a few objections during the audit of the PSL and we will be go through and will bring to task the responsible individuals, if any.”
He said a lot of effort is still needed to bring back international cricket to Pakistan. “We need to work on more confidence building measures to motivate the foreign governments to send their teams to Pakistan which is only possible when we work with close coordination with them on highlighting the positive measures we have taken for ensuring the safety and security of the foreign teams,” he said adding “Besides we have to create close liaison with international cricket players association to take it into confidence on importance matters related to bring improvement on security issues in Pakistan.”
He said resumption of international cricket is not an overnight process and defiantly it will take some time and with foreign players playing in Pakistan in PSL and then returning to their respective countries a positive and good massage will be spread regarding Pakistan portraying its soft image of a country to stage international cricket events.