PCB appoints Titans as autographed memorabilia partner


LAHORE, Sep 5 (APP)- Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has appointed
Titans Autographs and Memorabilia as its Official Memorabilia Partner.
Through this initiative, Titans will hold exclusive rights to
handle and arrange sales of memorabilia items bearing original
autographs from the Pakistan national team and its players, said
a spokesman of the PCB here on Tuesday.
PCB intends utilizing such proceeds for making donations to
charities, social welfare purposes and promotion of cricket.
“The first project in this collaboration sees the PCB handing
over to Titans two cricket bats to achieve maximum sale proceeds
through auction for PCB’s donations to Edhi Foundation”, he said.
One bat is signed by the five PSL 2017 captains and the other
by the stars and host of the PSL 2017 opening ceremony. The auction
ends on September 12 while the winners will be announced during the
PCB Awards Ceremony on September 14.
PCB and Titans look forward to a fruitful partnership for the
benefit of Pakistan cricket and its heroes, as well as for promoting
social welfare activities, he added.
Titans specialize in collecting unique pieces bearing authentic
autographs of celebrities from the fields of sport, music and culture.
The items are aesthetically framed or encased, with certificates
of authenticity issued by the company or other internationally
recognized certification entities.
Its collections are not only symbols of the dedication and
excellence of those who created history in their pursuits, but also a
source of inspiration and pleasure for those who wish to hold ‘history
in their hands. Titans have a wide experience of conducting sales, exhibitions and auction