Patriotic youngsters getting ready to celebrate Azadi day


ISLAMABAD, Aug 2 (APP):With the advent of August, People belonging to every walk of life especially youngsters busy in decorating their houses and vehicles with national flags as nation starts preparations to celebrate Independence Day.
A report aired by a private news channel said, the capital is wearing green and white look with national flags at each nook and corner while stalls of different Azadi accessories are surrounded by youngsters who are eagerly waiting for the Independence Day (I-Day) celebrations to commence.
A 43 year old Abbas Ali said, Many shops, vehicles and motorcycles on all roads could be seen decorated with green and white colour in the city. Many families have covered rooftops of their cars and hind screens with the national flags.
The patriotic citizens have already started decorating their homes and vehicles with national flags, bunting and stickers to give the final touches to their preparations for Azadi day, said Imran Basit.
“The display of bunch of stalls along the roadside in the main markets and roads has become center of attraction for most of the Youngsters,” he added.
“I saw huge rush of children and youngsters at these stalls to buying flags and stickers for decorating their cars and vans which reflect their patriotic spirit and enthusiasm,” said a roadside vendor.
“We want to encourage citizens to decorate their homes, offices, shops, plazas, markets, banks, petrol pumps, hotels, restaurants and cars, motor cycles, cycles and rickshaws for Independence Day,” Ajmal said.
It could be a great exercise that would involve everyone in the city, he added.
“My children have decorated our home and car with bunting and flags. They have also purchased Azadi shirts available almost at every stall.” A 35 year old Asma Javed said.
“I see huge rush of children and youngsters at these stalls while going back to home in the evening every day since the start of August which reflects their patriotism and enthusiasm” , she added.
A roadside vendor Mohammad Zubair said people especially children and youth keep visiting from morning till night to buy the items required by them to celebrate Independence Day.
They expressed elation that sale of Independence items were increasing every year, which was an indication of rising national fervour among people to celebrate their Independence Day, he said.
A Youngster Ayan Ali said, The transporters are being seen decorating their vehicles with national flags, colorful stickers and banners inscribed with Independence Day greetings.
“I want to paint the tricolour on my face and enjoy a bike ride with my friends carrying our flag on 14 August”, he added.
A taxi driver, said he has already hoisted national flag on his bus to show his deep love for our country.
A vendor, Ghulam Hussain, who was selling stickers and flags said that festivals always bring good business for them.
Another 19 year old boy Hassan Sheikh said like other youngsters of the country he would display flag on the rooftop of his house, fix stickers on his motorcycle and badges on his shirt.
Similarly, one can also see young girls are seen buying green dresses to mark the day. Car-owners, motorbikes riders were also displayed small flags and posters at their vehicles.