Pakistan’s quest for medals winning continue in Asian Indoor, Martial Arts Games


By Ijaz Ahmad Khan

ASHGABAT (Turkmenistan), Sept 20 (APP): Pakistan medal winning quest
continued on the fifth day when Beenish Khan, Ambareen Massih, Humaria
Ashiq and Muhammad Safdar claimed four bronze medals in the Women and Men Classic Belt Wrestling event in the ongoing 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games being played at various venues in the Olympic City on Wednesday.
With four bronze medals in the Classic Belt Wrestling, Pakistan grabbed
total nine medals, three in the Free Style event of the Belt Wrestling and two in the Traditional Wrestling.
Beenish Khan and Ambareen Massih won two bronze medals each. Ambareen
won bronze medal in the Traditional Wrestling, followed by a medal in the Classic Style Wrestling while Beenish bagged one bronze medal each in
the Women Free Style -70kg and in the same weight took another in the
Women Classic Style Wrestling.
Pakistan has so far had won one gold, two silver and 13 bronze
Host Turkmenistan is leading the medal table with 13 gold, six
silver and seven bronze medals in Belt Wrestling event, followed by
Mongolia with one gold medal, and a bronze, Uzbekistan with three silver
and 10 bronze medals, Kyrgyzstan with two silver and eight bronze medals Kazakhstan with two silver medals and three bronze medals, Iran with one silver and eight bronze medals and Pakistan with seven bronze medal struggling behind the top medal winners.
Beenish Khan took berth into the semi-final of the Women Classic Style
-70kg by defeating India’s Shilwant Divya Guruling on points by 5-0.
Beenish did not give much time to India’s Shilwant Divya to
strike back, Humaira Ashiq defeated Alymova Ayjemal of Turkmenistan on points by 2-1 in Women Classic Style -50kg and Muhammad Safdar defeated Vikranmjit Singh of India by 5-2 in the quarter-finals of the Men’s
Classic Style -65kg weight.
Pakistan’s Mohabat Ali Drigh lost to Yaser Mohammadirostam of Iran
7-0 in -80kg, Murzabekov Erlanbek of Kyrgyzstan in -70kg by 6-1,
Pochoev Dostonbek of Tajikistan defeated Mohsin Raza of Pakistan in the quarter-finals of the -90kg.
In the Women Classic Style -70kg Beenish Khan was beaten by
Zhakypeerkova Pertzat of Kazakhstan. The points were 2-0.
Humaira Ashiq also claimed bronze medal after losing to Badaghyuyew
Lacyn on points 7-0 in the semi-final of the -50kg weight.
Ambreen Massih also won bronze medal against Miizamidin Kyzy Meertm of
Kyrgyzstan by 5-3 in Women Style Classic -55kg and Muhammad Safdar bagged the fourth bronze medal on Wednesday in the medal fight he lost to Agamyrat Orazsahedow on points by 8-1 in -56 kg weight.
Nosirov Khusan of Uzabekistan defeated Muhammad Saeed Anwar of Pakistan
in Men’s Classic Style-55kg by 5-0.
In the Belt Classic Wrestling Muydinova Manzuraoy of Uzbekistan upset
Maryum of Pakistan in the semi-final of the -70kg on point by 7-0, Gongor Purevbaatar of Mangolia defeated Zunair Bin Zahir of Pakistan in +100kg weight category in the semi-final.
In the Mix Double Tennis Pakistan pair Heera Ashiq and Ushana Suhail
were beaten by Indonesian pair Ditriadi and Haliza by 2-0. The Pakistan mixed double team did some resistance against Indonesian pair but lost
the first round match by 7-5 and 6-4.
In the Men singles second round Ahmad Chudhary failed to impress and
lost the match against Wong Chun Hun of Hong Kong by 2-0, the score was 6-1
and 6-4. The Pakistani weightlifter will start its journey from Thursday when Furqan, Jamil Akhtar and Usman Amjad Rathore will appear in their respective weights.
Former World No. 2, three times Asian silver medalist and two times
World Cup Team silver medalist Muhammad Sajjad moved to the quarter-finals after recording victory against Lin Tng Alan of Hong Kong in a marathon
5-4 frame battle of the Men’s 6 Red Snooker Singles, lasted for three
long hours.
In the first frame Sajjad recorded victory at 33-27 with break of 12
points. His rival Lin Tang also had 15 points break but he could not
manage, after the winning the first frame Sajjad lost by 14-51, 0-41
with frame victory at 36-2. The other score of the frames were 4-44,
33-24, 14-34, 54-4 and 37-25.
Sajjad made his 19 break in the fourth frame, followed by 20 point
break in 6th, and 37 and 17 breaks in the 8th and 9th frames while Lin
Tang Ho Alan recorded his break in second frame (15), 19 in the third
frame, 15 in the fifth frame, 16 and 23 breaks in the 6th and 7th frames.
In the second pre-quarter-final match Vahedi Soheil of Iran defeated
Muhammad Bilal of Pakistan by 5-1, the score was 61-11, 44-8, 54-0, 46-16, 17-37 and 30-16. Iranian Vahedi was so impressive handed a shocking defeat to Pakistan Muhammad Bilal as he also recorded a break of 57 points in the first, 24 points in the second, 50 points in the third, 35 points in the fourths and 20 break points in the 6th frames.