Pakistan’s booth setup at cultural exhibition of Belt and Road countries


BEIJING, Sept 12 (APP): The Pakistan Embassy and External Publicity
Wing, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting setup a booth at the second ‘Colorful World – Cultural Exhibition of countries along the Belt and Road held at China International Exhibition Center here on Tuesday.
The purpose of setting up the booth is to further enhance understanding
of Chinese people about Pakistan, its people, culture and landscape.
Posters, flags, photographs and artifacts were displayed to showcase
history, landscapes, culture and traditions as well as the soft image of Pakistan.
A group of Pakistani children attired in traditional and national
dresses also presented glimpse of rich culture and traditions.
Organized by Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Center, the event was a
significant feature of the 12th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE), which aimed to advance cultural exchanges between Beijing and the outside world, promote cultures of different countries and regions, and strengthen friendly ties between China and other regions.