ISLAMABAD, Feb 13 (APP):Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr. Fehmida Mirza Wednesday said Pakistani women are no lesser than anyone in the world in any field o life but we need to provide them with good opportunities.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Annual Sports and Spring Festival 2019 organized by Punjab Group of Colleges (Rawalpindi/Islamabad) here at Jinnah Stadium of Pakistan Sports Complex, she said women’s role has always been crucial in history.
Dr. Mirza, who has the honor of being the first women speaker not only in Pakistan but in the entire Muslim World, said women are leading from the front in education and sports sectors.

“Me as a speaker was representing the whole Pakistani women and the entire Muslim world was looking up to me of how I would present Pakistan in the international world,” she said.
She urged women to work hard and discipline their lives as in future they can too become speaker or prime minister of Pakistan. She said schools and colleges must also hold sports classes for women.
“Our prime minister who had also been a sports person wants our players to fill stadiums and grounds with healthy sports activities,” she said and urged the regions to also help in promoting and encouraging sports activities in the country.
She said housing societies should not be allowed if they lack sports grounds. “It makes us proud when a Pakistani flag is being raised in Olympics or the World Cup,” she said and added that Pakistan is a blessing for us and we must value it.
She said according to prime minister’s vision of clean and green Pakistan, every citizen must keep the country clean and plant as much as plants they can.
She also urged citizens to play their role in eliminating corruption from the country. “We will be holding activities for women in March,” she said. On the occasion the minister was also presented with a shield by the management of Punjab Group of Colleges.