Pakistani teachers return home after attending Chinese language workshop


BEIJING, Aug 6 (APP): A group of 40 Pakistani teachers left on
Sunday for home after attending a 15-day Chinese language training
programme at Institute for Cultural Studies, Capital Normal University.
The training programme was organized and sponsored by Chinese
embassy in Islamabad in collaboration with Beijing Municipal Commission
of Education and Beijing International Education Exchange Center.
The teachers, including 26 females and 14 males selected from
different institutes across the country including Khyber-Pakhtoonkhaw
and Balochistan provinces, were imparted training on preliminary Chinese language,
teaching techniques and music under the 2017 International
Chinese Language Teacher Training Programme.
The visits of Great Wall and Summer Palace and Forbidden City
were arranged for the group to aware them about Chinese history and
Speaking at the closing ceremony, Head of Training Program,
Pang Chunli said the workshop was arranged for enhancing
understanding between people of China and Pakistan.
He said the teachers had a good experience of Chinese culture
during the training and they will cherish unforgettable memories.
He expressed the confidence that these teachers will make
greater contributions to further promote all-weather China-Pakistan friendship in future.
On behalf of female teachers, Ms. Nusrat Arshad thanked the
organizers, especially the spouse of Chinese Ambassador in
Pakistan, Sun Weidong for arranging this important visit.
She said the training will benefit not only the teachers but
they will be able to teach in a better way in future.
Faheem Arshad, on behalf of male teachers also shared his
experiences and thanked the organizers for being looked after
He said all the group was delighted to see historical places
and impressed with Chinese hospitality.
Faheem Arshad was impressed with the rapid development of
Chin and was delighted to meet Chinese friends and experience
Chinese cuisines.
Later, all the participants were awarded certificates
by the Head of Training ProgramME, Pang Chunli.
It is the third batch of Pakistani teachers visiting China
for language training since 2015. So far, at least 120 Pakistani
teachers have got training under the programME.
Since the start of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC), the people especially youngsters across the country,
have been more eager to learn the Chinese language than ever
Currently, four Confucius Institutes have been working
in different areas of Pakistan to impart the Chinese language
to students from all walks of life.