Pakistani teachers arrive for Chinese language training


BEIJING, July 24 (APP): A group of 40 Pakistani teachers arrived here on Monday for a 15-day Chinese language training programme.
The teachers, including 26 females and 14 males selected from different
institutes across the country, will get training on how to impart the Chinese language efficiently under the 2017 International Chinese Language Teacher Training Programme.
The training programme is being organized and sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad in collaboration with Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and Beijing International Education Exchange Center.
It is the third batch of Pakistani teachers visiting China for language
training since 2015. So far, at least 120 Pakistani teachers have got training under the programme.
Since the start of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the
people especially youngsters across the country have been more eager to learn the Chinese language than ever before.
Currently, four Confucius Institutes have been working in different
areas of Pakistan to impart the Chinese language to students from all walks of life.