Pakistani students learning Turkish meet Shehbaz Sharif

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LAHORE, Sept 16 (APP): Pakistani students learning Turkish language
in Turkey called on Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, who
is currently visiting Turkey.
According to a handout issued here Saturday, while talking to the
student, the Chief Minister said the students learning Turkish were ambassadors of
Pakistan and they should show through their actions and
hard work that Pakistanis were the best nation. He asked them to make extraordinary
efforts to learn Turkish because hard work was the key to success. He said the Punjab
government would send more students to
Turkey to learn Turkish on the government expenditures.
The students thanked the chief minister and the Punjab government,
and said they got the chance to learn Turkish language due to personal interest of the
chief minister. They said they had received exceptional love from the Turkish people and
they promised that they would utilize every moment of their trip to achieve exceptional
command over Turkish language.
Pakistani Consulate in Turkey Dr Yusuf Junaid said that best possible
facilities had been provided to students learning Turkish and these facilities would also be
provided in future as well. Turkish Ambassador
to Pakistan Syrus Sajjad Qazi was also present on the occasion.
Under the program of Punjab government to learn Turkish 30 students
had sent to University of Istanbul on the government scholarship.
Shehbaz Sharif also visited the Fatih Sultan Muhammad Hospital, Istanbul
where he was given a detailed briefing on the hospital.
Speaking on the occasion, he said the measures taken by Turkish
government in the health sector were exemplary and Punjab government
was also trying to learn from Turkish experiences. He visited various
parts of the hospital.
Talking to a delegation of Turkish investors, the chief minister
said Turkish cooperation in the energy field and other sectors would
be remembered by coming generation of Pakistan.
He said roots of Pak-Turkey cooperation were very deep and for
translating these relations into the economic improvement they were thankful to the
Turkish leadership. He said the success of Turkey was role-model for developing
countries. He urged the Turkish investors
working on the solar power projects to complete their project by the
middle of November.
It is worth mentioning the 300MW power plant being established in
Bahawalpur by the Zorlu Company is the first plant of Pakistan of its
kind in terms of price of electricity. The 200MW portion of the project will provide
electricity at the cost of 5.15 cent per unit that will be
a record.
The chief minister said that providing cheap electricity to the
people was his mission and he would make every possible effort to realize this dream.