Pakistani students are contributing to Canadian diversity, learning and economy; Tariq Azim Khan


ISLAMABAD, March 7 (APP): “Canadian educational institutions should offer fellowships and scholarships to the Pakistani students to undertake study, research and professional development in Canada”, Pakistani High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan said in a meeting with Principal International College of Manitoba at Winnipeg (Canada), Darcy Rollins.
According to a message received here from Pakistan High Commission, Canada, Tariq Azim Khan said that the students from Pakistan are contributing to the Canadian economy and excelling in education.
He emphasized on increasing the intake number of international students from Pakistan and urged the Principal to take up the issue of study visas to Pakistani students with Canadian authorities.
He said that the time period for visas processing should also be decreased. He underlined that although the Canadian High Commission in Pakistan has decreased the time period for processing of study visas but it can further be expedited and brought at par with study visas for international students from other countries.
He appreciated the fact that the Pakistani origin students are excelling in the International College of Manitoba and their academic achievements are second to none.
Mr. Darcy Rollins informed the High Commissioner that Pakistani students are the best performers in the programme which comprises study skills development embedded within rigorous academic course content. He said that the college provides to the international students with access to high quality education and subsequently it contributes to diversity in the University of Manitoba.
Darcy Rollins agreed to work alongside the High Commission for expeditious disposal and increase in the number of study visas for Pakistani students. Mr. Terry Duguid, Member of Canadian Parliament was also present in the meeting.