Pakistani manufacturers to showcase potential products at China International Import Expo


BEIJING, Oct 11 (APP):Pakistan will establish a pavilion at China International Import Expo to be held in Shanghai, to provide a chance to its manufacturers and producers to showcase their products in order to gain access to Chinese market.
“The federal secretary commerce will soon be visiting Shanghai to finalize all the arrangements in this regard,” a senior official told APP here on Thursday.
The Chinese government has granted the status of “Guest of Honour” to Pakistan to ensure the provision of allpossible facilities and benefits to the Pakistani business community at the Expo scheduled to be held from November 5 to 10.
The gesture also shows the level of commitment in China to make Pakistan part of a shared future, the official added.
According to experts, to take advantage of China’s food market, Pakistani producers at the expo can offer their own unique and cost-effective products. A bigger share of the market in China would translate into higher revenues, improved quality and a wider product range.
Apart from food, there are other Pakistani products with immense potential for export to China, including onyx stones, minerals and surgical items.
The expo organizers were initially expecting around 150,000 purchasing agents, but they have so far registeredover 160,000. This massive participation will present Pakistan with access to markets in other countries as well.
As foreign buyers experience the previously unexplored Pakistani prospects, new windows of trade will open. Thus, Pakistani businesses will expand not just into China, but also internationally.
As a follow-up step to the importexpo, Pakistani manufacturers can take advantage of China’s booming e-commercesector. They can utilize this highly developed industry to reach out to more customers than would be possible only with physical stores in China.
Some 2,800 companies from G20 member states as well as 50 countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative will take part. More than 30 of the world’s 44 least-developed countries will be represented at the expo.
Forty-three African countries will take part, with about 190 enterprises from the continent set to promote products such as Egyptian dates and Ethiopian coffee.
Shanghai has been holding rehearsals, improving city infrastructure and training volunteers to prepare for the event.
At the National Exhibition and Convention Center, the expo venue, the event organizer held a comprehensive rehearsal covering various scenarios.
The Shanghai government has been renovating roads around the convention centre and developed mobile apps to guide traffic in the area. The city has also added eight bus routes and readied 100 backup vehicles.
During the expo, 5,000 volunteers will offer services including translation and navigational help to visitors.
It is estimated that products from more than 1,500 exhibitors have arrived in the Chinese mainland, and another 1,000 are being shipped.
Chinese companies are eyeing great potential in boosting imports through the event.
China expects to import at least 1,000 kinds of products and services that have not been sold in the domestic market.