Pakistani makes history by speaking 150 district names in single breath


ISLAMABAD, Apr 26 (APP): A Pakistani Attshan Ali Abbasi made
the history by speaking name of 150 districts of Pakistan and Azad
Jammu and Kashmir in a single breath.
Talking to APP on Tuesday, he said the video was released by Pakistan
Bureau of Statistics (PBS) and produced by a government official company.
The main purpose of the video was to attract people to come
and get engaged with census.
Attshan Ali Abbasi was associated with an approved platform for
Pakistani youth named as “National Youth Assembly of Pakistan”.
He had written a M Phil Public Policy thesis on the Pakistani
parliament’s performance, weaknesses and its international
He said Population censuses were used for constitutional
functions such as inter-provincial resource allocation and the
distribution of national assembly seats.
“We have to know the importance of census to address a
variety of social challenges, such as Pakistan’s education
emergency, increasing malnutrition and stunting, water shortages and
lack of adequate health facilities,” he added.