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ISLAMABAD, Sep 21 (APP):It was a big day for Pakistani expats in the UAE as they were eager to witness the country’s newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, following his first foreign visit to Saudi Arabia since being elected in July.
Ather Farooq, senior manager at a telecom firm in the UAE, said: “Pakistani community feels super excited as Imran Khan chose Saudi Arabia and the UAE as the first countries to visit after taking charge.
This shows the bond of brotherly relationship between the countries. This visit of our former cricket captain also shows the respect, love and affection in the heart of the people of Pakistan for people of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Imran Khan is a leader with a very big heart and bold decisions. Pakistani community has high hopes for their leader,” Khaleej Times reported.
Voicing his great expectations from Pakistan’s new PM, Omar Farooqui, Saudi national with Pakistani roots and a UAE resident, said: “I am excited as well as interested in Imran Khan’s trip to the region and what sort of political ties he forges going forward.
“Pakistan has been crying out for a true change for a long time and with Imran Khan being such a sporting idol and leader in the eyes of millions, he has brought hope of a new beginning. I am certain that many more ethnic Pakistanis living all over the world will be hoping that the historical brotherly trinity of the three nations can combine for the prosperity of each other by leveraging on each other’s strengths. I hope his trip encourages Saudi Arabia and the
UAE to invest in Pakistan. I will be watching with great interest and am always ready to be the bridge needed.”
Journalist and theatre artist Amna Khaishgi said: “Pakistani expats in the UAE have always played a crucial role in their country’s progress. Whether it is about spending hard-earned saving to go home and cast vote or investing in Pakistan, Pakistani expatriates have always been there to support their home country. I recently met a Pakistani
driver who skipped his medical treatment to save and send that money for the dam fund in Pakistan. I sincerely hope that our new PM honours these sacrifices and our silent heroes. We welcome the leader to the UAE and sincerely hope that his government will facilitate and support Pakistani expats by all means.”
Muhammed Amir, Dubai-based accountant, hoped their leader’s visit to the UAE will further strengthen the relations between the two nations.
“I am very optimistic about this visit and I think we should have some much-needed trade talks and agreements between Pakistan and the UAE as Pakistan is in serious financial crisis. The UAE Government can for sure support and help Pakistan out. Imran Khan’s election slogan was to have a ‘corruption-free Pakistan’ and this is the need of the hour. We want our leader to have zero tolerance for corruption and bring back our looted money to Pakistan at any cost.”