Pakistani businessmen voluntarily donate blood for injured in Hangzhou


BEIJING, July 30 (APP): Twelve Pakistani businessmen have voluntarily donated blood for the injured in a recent explosion at a shop on a busy street of east China’s Hangzhou city.
The twelve of them, who run a textile business in the city of Shaoxing, which is not far from Hangzhou, made the decision after seeing an announcement issued by the Blood Center of Hangzhou asking for more blood donations, according to official sources on Sunday.
Abdullah, who has lived in China for 15 years, said they wanted to help the injured. “The Chinese people and the Pakistani people are good friends. We enjoy our life in China and want to do something for the country.”
“China is the safest country in the world, offering us a convenient and safe living environment,” said Mohammed.
An estimated 5,000 foreigners are living in Shaoxing’s Keqiao District, including some 1,000 Pakistanis, according to the local Commerce Bureau.
An official of the bureau said next month the district will hold a blood donation campaign, and many Pakistani businessmen have expressed their willingness to participate in the activity.