Pakistani Americans welcome SC decision as victory of democracy, justice

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WASHINGTON, April 20 (APP): Pakistani Americans living in the United
States Thursday hailed the decision of the Supreme Court on Panama case as the victory of democracy and justice and said those demanding resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be held for contempt of court for refusing to accept the judgement of the apex court.
Talking to APP soon after a 5-member bench of the Supreme Court
announced the judgment in Islamabad, they expressed full confidence in country’s superior judiciary and said the split decision showed that the country’s judiciary is an independent entity and was working without any political pressure and taking decision on merit.
Several Pakistani Americans who remained glued to their televisions to
watch Pakistan news called APP to give their reaction on the Supreme Court verdict in a sign of solidarity with their motherland.
“We watched the whole proceedings of the court from thousands miles
away from our motherland and we feel proud to say that Pakistan of today is truly a democratic country where everyone is equal before the law,” President of a US-based group Pakistan Link Hamid Malik said.
“The government has fully cooperated during the whole proceedings which
showed its respect for the country’s judiciary.”
Malik said all political parties, including PTI and PPP, had
announced before the verdict that they would accept the court decision either way, but their reaction and demand that the prime minister should resign is truly disappointing.
“They should be held for contempt of court for criticizing and refusing
to accept the judgement of the country’s highest court,” he added.
The court, while announcing the decision, has ordered to institute a
Joint Investigation Team to hold further probe into the case and asked it to submit its report within 60 days.
“The institution of JIT is what Prime Minister Sharif had himself
proposed to investigate the whole issue and the SC decision has basically vindicated him,” Faisal Yusuf Khan, a Canadian Pakistan who is here to meet his relatives said.
“He has been vindicated by the court’s judgement today,” he added.
“It is a matter of great satisfaction for all patriotic Pakistanis to
see that the government holds the courts in high esteem and in no way tried to influence the judgement. It should be acceptable to all and those demanding PM’s resignation should show some respect for the higher judiciary,” he added.
An attorney-at-law practicing in Washington DC who is close to Pakistani
American circle and watches events in Pakistan with great interest Fitz Jerald Lewis said it was a very good decision and it proved that leaders of the opposition parties who had filed the case against the prime minister could not provide evidence to prove their allegations.
He was also of the opinion that the prime minister, if desires, can seek
immunity from appearing before the JIT as provided under the law, so that he can fully focused on his agenda of development which he is pursuing very vigorously.
The court decision sent a wave of jubilation across the workers of PML-N
and patriotic Pakistanis and PML-N leaders assured that as in the past, the government will fully cooperate with the JIT and will fully respect the court’s decision.
Many Pakistani Americans expressed their utter disappoint over the
reaction of the leaders of the major opposition parties – PTI and PPP – and advised them that they should start preparation for the 2018 general election and let people decide whom they want as their leader for the next five years.
“I call myself a true patriotic Pakistani and have no affiliation as
such with a political party in Pakistan. For us, living far away from the motherland, the leader is the one who is committed to the welfare of the people and is focused on development and prosperity of the country,” a school teacher residing in the state of Virginia Ana Shan.
“The economic turn-around Pakistan has witnessed in the past years,
and which has been duly acknowledged by the international donors, is the proof that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is sincerely trying his best to improve the lot of the common people there and we are very happy to see our country on the road to progress,” she added.
The KSE-100 stock index, a barometer of investors’ sentiments, soared
after the Supreme Court decision to close 1,140 points up at 48,787.