Pakistan, US have opportunity of working together to achieve Afghan peace


WASHINGTON, June 8 (APP): Emphasizing the need for Pakistan and the

United States to overcome trust deficit, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Aizaz Chaudhry on Wednesday said the two countries have the opportunity to work together to achieve peace in Afghanistan.
Ambassador Chaudhry made this comments during a panel discussions held
at the South Asian Center in Atlantic Council in Washington.
The discussion was titled “Regional Perspective on US Strategy in Afghanistan”.
He strongly condemned the bomb attack in Kabul last week that claimed
about 150 lives in one of the deadliest incident, and said it should strengthen the resolve of working together to confront the challenges posed by terrorism and extremism.
“There is an opportunity for both Pakistan and the United States to work
together to achieve peace in Afghanistan,” the Ambassador said and observed that mistrust between the two countries was blocking the progress in achieving the objective of peace.
The Ambassador, while alluding to the history of close cooperation
between Pakistan and the United States, said that both countries have continued to engage and cooperate with each other for long sustained peace in spite of ups and downs in the relationship.
He added that the challenges that both Pakistan and the United State
face from terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, provides an opportunity for future cooperation and engagement.
Ambassador Chaudhry said that Pakistan want to see a peaceful, stable
and prosperous and sovereign Afghanistan. Referring to the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan to root out terrorism and extremism, the ambassador said that it condemns terrorism in all its form and manifestation and “terrorism under any pretext is not acceptable to us”.
Strongly denying the accusation by Afghan leadership against Pakistan,
the Ambassador said that Islamabad’s efforts to bring peace in the region will not be interrupted by such rhetoric. He said blaming Pakistan for its failure will not help the cause of peace in Afghanistan.
“Just putting blame on Pakistan, all the time will never help in any
manner to achieve the ultimate objective of regional peace,” Ambassador Chaudhry said while adding that a sovereign, stable and prosperous Afghanistan was vital to peace in Pakistan and the region.