Pakistan to work with global community to boost green growth initiatives


Islamabad, November 13, (APP):Pakistan will work with global community to boost green growth initiatives to achieve sustainable development goals by exploiting natural resources in a sustainable manner.

The natural resources have been rapidly depleting over last several decades because of insane and unsustainable industrialisation in developed countries, an official of the Climate Change ministry said while taking to APP.

“Not only our lives but also of those of our future generations are at risk of falling into quagmire of unending hunger, poverty, diseases, food insecurity, pollution, water scarcity, and disasters, if we continue to devour into natural resources greedily and callously, particularly water, land and forest, he warned.
He asked the world to jointly adopt a sane path for achieving economic growth fuelled by natural resources utilised in a sustainable manner, so that ability of the natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services for future generations is not compromised.
He pointed out that many countries have already become more efficient in using natural resources and the services provided by the environment, producing more sustainable economic output per unit of carbon emitted and of energy or raw materials consumed. Nevertheless, progress is too sluggish.
Besides, if emissions embodied in international trade are included, advances in overall environmental productivity of these countries- most of them developed countries – are more modest.