Pakistan to play its role in tackling climate change issues: Zahid Hamid

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ISLAMABAD, July 26 (APP): Minister for Climate Change Zahid

Hamid Wednesday said Pakistan was fully prepared and willing to
extend its role in building international cooperation in order to
tackle climate change nationally and internationally.
The minister expressed these view during a meeting with
high level delegation from Open Government Partnership Secretariat
The Secretary, Climate Change Division and other senior
officers of the ministry were also present at the occasion.
The high level delegation included Joseph Powel, Deputy CEO,
John Mahoney, Program Officer and Shreya Basu, Regional Civil
Society Coordinator for Asia-Pacific-OGP.
Currently, the government was in the process of preparation of
National Action Plan (NAP) to OGP with stakeholder’s consultation.
The OGP was a multilateral initiative aimed to secure
concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency,
empower citizens, fight corruption and adoption of new technologies
to strengthen governance. It was currently headed by the French
President Emmanuel Macron.
The OGP was formally launched in 2011 when 8 founding
governments endorsed the OGP declaration and announced their
country’s Action Plans.
At present, 75 OGP participating countries and 15 sub-national
governments had made over 2500 commitments to make their respective
governments more open, rational and accountable.
The minister briefed the high level delegation that the
ministry had reiterated its commitments regarding sharing and
placement of open data on National Climate Change Policy and its
implementation alongside Ministry’s efforts in the field of Climate
Finance on its official website.
The ministry was institutionalizing the role of civil society
in climate related decision making processes, policies, agreements at
national/ sub-national and international levels.
This would be manifested through government – civil society
consultations in pre and post-UNFCCC COPs scenario.
The ministry would work with private sector to encourage clean
green business development for promoting climate action.
The encouragement of bringing in innovation and building
capacity of relevant stakeholders were the fundamental objectives of
the ministry.
Zahid Hamid also briefed the participants that Pakistan was the
7th most vulnerable country on account of impacts of climate change
despite having its negligible contribution in overall global GHG
Pakistan had witnessed sea intrusion, glacial melt,
desertification, floods and other impacts of climate change in
recent decades.
Pakistan had recently passed the climate law i.e. Pakistan
Climate Change Act-2016 and Pakistan was fully aware of its national
and international obligations under United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
The prime minister of Pakistan had recently launched 3.8
billion rupees project titled as “Green Pakistan Program” for
The OGP delegation briefed that Pakistan’s participation in
the forum would bring forth more accountability.
The OGP official briefed that OGP was a forum, on which
countries could showcase their achievements and commitments. It would also provide an opportunity to Pakistan for sharing of ideas and
experiences and for learning of best practices employed in the
member countries.