Pakistan ready to allow UN team to visit Jammu and Kashmir across LoC


ISLAMABAD, June 8 (APP): Pakistan expressing its readiness to allow the
UN team sent by the high commissioner to visit Azad Jammu and Kashmir together with the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, called upon 35th Session of Human Rights Council of High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva on Wednesday to urge India to immediately put an end to the mindless bloodshed in IoK and honour its international obligations.
Pakistan endorsed its demand for immediate access of an independent,
international and impartial commission to both sides of Line of Control, during the Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human
Rights for the Presentation of the Annual Report of the High Commissioner.
The current situation is the result of horrifying atrocities committed
by India in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India and not Pakistan has curbed freedom of expression and access to information by blocking 22 social media websites and applications in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan maintained.
It is in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) where mass blinding due to use of
pellet guns, rapes, torture, extra-judicial killings, and continuous curfews are being reported.
Therefore, Pakistan urged the high commissioner to present the complete
picture in front of the council rather than coupling Pakistan with India while addressing the situation in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
“We had welcomed the announcement of the high commissioner in the March
session regarding the making of remote monitoring report on the areas like Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir where gruesome human rights violations were being reported but the access was being denied. We are looking forward for the report to be made public soon,” Pakistani envoy said.

The Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) had recently
sent a fact finding mission to Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
The commission’s request for access of a fact finding mission to the
Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir was rejected. After the visit, the commission has requested the high commissioner (HC) to take note of the serious and widespread complaints of the gross human rights violations by the Indian forces against Kashmiris.
Pakistan urged the HC to follow this impartial and independent step
forward. “Let me ask the council, where in the world can a person tied to the front of a jeep as human shield by the Authorities and the perpetrators are subsequently given medals,” Pakistan’s representative asked.
The Kashmiris are desperately looking towards the international
community to answer their call for help for ending the nightmare of tyranny and oppression which is a result of decades of systematic state sponsored terrorism.
He also said, “We must give credit to Indian delegation for its
consistency in misleading the council, session after session, through its lies, obfuscation and meddling of the facts. India continues to flout its international human rights obligations by unleashing reign of terror in Indian occupied Kashmir and then the irony is that it acts as a victim.”
India uses incongruous tactics of blaming Pakistan as a diversion from
addressing gross human rights violations in Kashmir. India should for once introspect on the actual causes of current unrest in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The latest wave of unrest is a result of decades of systematic state
sponsored terrorism committed by India in order to crush the struggle of Kashmiris for the exercise of their right to self determination -a right that was guaranteed to them by UN Security Council resolutions.
On the other hand, consistent with its track record of interfering and
harbouring terrorism in other countries, India continues to interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan. Dossiers of Indian subversive activities in Balochistan have been handed over to the UN Secretary General, he informed.

We have shown great restrain to comment on the gross human rights
violations committed by despotic Indian government in the rest of India and only focused on Kashmir considering its peculiar status of being internationally recognized dispute to which there are three parties: the people of Kashmir, Pakistan and India.
Therefore India’s calling of Kashmir as its integral part is another
twisting of fact and another lie in front of this august council, he underlined.
Can India tell the council why it requires presence of 700000 security
forces in Kashmir, a ratio of 1 security personnel for every 17 Kashmiris. Millions of Kashmiris chanting slogans of freedom would surely not be
considered as terrorists by the world community, he asked.
Which elections in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir is India talking
about- the recent ones where less than 7 percent turnover and a mere 2% in the re-polling was reported and that under barrel of gun? Azad Jammu and Kashmir has truly elected and empowered government unlike Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistani envoy said.
Rather than blowing the trumpet of being largest democracy just because
of population size, it would be prudent for India to see whether it poses democratic values and culture.
Democracy dies a slow painful death at the sight of 6,000 mass graves,
extrajudicial killing of 94,000 innocent people, mass blinding of more than 250 people including little children and women, molestation of more than 8000 women, all atrocities done in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
He asked if Indian democracy follow the same set of moral standards as
the rest of the world and if draconian laws such as Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Public Safety Act exist in other functioning democracies.
The last nail in the coffin in the shining Indian democracy is the
current neo-fascist Indian regime that has a narrow Hindutva mindset, has total disregard for international norms, and has an agenda of state sponsored terrorism and a huge appetite for human rights abuses.
It is the product of the militant, hate driven ideological parent known
as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which preaches hate against Muslims, Dalits and Christian minorities, the Pakistan representative said. “This is the recipe for destruction and that is what we are witnessing in Kashmir.”

India’s baseless allegations are in line with their policy of
interfering in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries and flouting the international norms governing inter-state relations.
India is seriously deluding itself if it believes that the world is
blind to Indian barbarities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. More than 268 brutally killed, and around 20,000 seriously injured and scores of hundreds, including children and women blinded – these figures are testament to the inhumane reality the innocent Kashmiris in Indian occupied Kashmir are forced to suffer at the hands of Indian occupation forces since the last 7 decades, the Pak envoy maintained.
Indian attempts to term the legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmiris for
the right to self determination as terrorism is absolutely absurd. The recent crisis in the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir was sparked after the extra-judicial execution of the 22 year freedom fighter, Burhan Wani, a Kashmiri hero and martyr. More then 2,00,000 people attended his funeral despite a strict curfew putting to shame Indian claims of terrorism.
The reality is that despite use of brutal force by Indian forces, each
death in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir is mourned by millions and only strengthens the resolve of the Kashmiri people.
The Indian government needs to acknowledge this reality and accept the
demand for right of self-determination of Kashmiris, the Pak representative asserted.
India would do well to stop the mindless, farcical, knee-jerk reaction
of blaming Pakistan for everything from spy pigeons to railroad accidents. Public statements emanating from the highest level in India such as their National Security Advisor and Kulbhushan Yadhav, the RAW agent apprehended in Pakistan are just some proofs of Indian activities in Pakistan.
Pakistan believes in a policy of friendship and peaceful neighbourhood
but cannot be expected to ignore Indian subversive activities, proof of which have been handed over to the UN Secretary General, he argued.
India’s flagrant and grievous methods have no limits and in its
desperation to divert international attention from its barbarism in Kashmir and with sheer indifference to the threat to regional stability, India has deliberately escalated tensions at the Line of Control, committing more than 350 ceasefire violations since 2016.
The international community, he said, have not lived up to our promise
to the Kashmiri people for the last seven decades. Kashmiri leaders are imprisoned or put under house arrest and prevented from offering Friday prayers.
The Kashmiris continue calling upon the international community for
justice, and protection of their fundamental human rights. It is time for us to respond to their call.