APP20-02 KARACHI: January 02 – Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair in a meeting with a delegation of All City Trader Itehad. APP

KARACHI, Jan 02 (APP):Pakistan Rangers-Sindh will continue to
serve Karachi so as to sustain peace and stability in the once most
violence prone and disturbed city of the country, said Governor of
Sindh, Muhammad Zubair here on Tuesday.
Talking to a delegation of local traders association “All City
Traders Unity,” led by Hammad Poonawala, he said social, political and economic activities have been rejuvenated strong in Karachi since restoration of peace during past few years.
“We can not allow to let go in vain the sacrifices rendered by
Pakistan Army, Rangers, Police and other law enforcers for Karachi and the citizens,” he said.
Sindh Governor said improved law and order situation has led to
restoration of public confidence and also those of international
community hence steady increase could be registered in the number of foreigners visiting Karachi.
“Dignitaries and people of international repute are equally
witnessed visiting Karachi and staying here for a while,” he said
mentioning the trips of Dr. Syedna Mufazzal Saifuddin and Prince Karim Agha Khan (spiritual leaders of Bohra and Khoja communities
“Consequently we also witnessed more than 20,000 members of the
Bohra communities arriving in Karachi from across the world to attend majalis addressed by Syedna Muffazal and contributing to Karachi’s diversity,” he said.
Mentioning that this has enhanced the positive image of the port
city and the financial hub of the country, Sindh Governor said
government is now fully focused on eradication of street crimes from
across Karachi.
“Since the elimination of terrorism, target killing and abduction
for ransom all efforts are being made to get rid of street crime,” he
The delegation that also included Jamal Sethi, Arif Jeewa, Javed
Qureishi, Aslam Bhatti, Ahsan Gujjar, Javed Arsalan Kashif Islam,
Abdul Qadir Noorani, Tahir Sarbazi, Zahid Malik, Zahid Piprani,Mansoor Ahmad Qadwani and others discussed in detail the business related situation in the metropolis.
Sindh Governor said during the bad times, particularly in 2013,
the worst affected in Karachi were the local traders and it is highly
appreciable that they despite all odds did not try to wind up their
“You resisted the mindset bent upon destroying the economy,” he
remarked and assured the traders that problems shared by them during day’s meeting will be solved urgently, with utmost sincerity.
He said federal government was making due contribution for much
warranted infrastructure related development in Karachi and this will have a direct impact on the well being of all Karachiites.
Acknowledging that street crime continues to be a major issue, he
said a network of close circuit cameras are being installed with
active involvement of Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC).
“Situation has markedly improved across the country,” he