Pakistan Railways revenue increases to Rs. 20 billion -Saad Rafique

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ISLAMABAD, Jul 1 (APP): Pakistan Railways has experienced surge of
more than Rs. 20 billion in revenue and its deficit slashed by Rs. 10 billion during the last four years alongwith improved services for the people.
It was revealed in a tweet message by Minister for Railways Khawaja
Saad Rafique which states that Revenue of Pakistan Railways has hiked by Rs. 20 billion and deficit has been lessened by Rs. 10 billion during the last four years.
During the last four years, the minister said that Pakistan Railways
achieved exceeding its target set for each year and it would set precedent by achieving more than benchmark of Rs. 53 billion earmarked for the current fiscal year.
Meanwhile, the sources with in Ministry of Railways told APP that
Pakistan Railways has prepared working paper about the targets set for next year (2017-18) alongwith comprehensive details of generating revenue through diverse measures to achieve it.
The sources further said that Rs. 53 billion had been the revenue
target set for fiscalyear 2017-18 which would be 33 percent higher as compared to the preceding fiscal year.
The revenue target in the current budget is 94 percent higher as
compared to the target set in 2013.” Total revenue generation would be over Rs. 53 billion in next year which would be 33 percent higher against than that of preceding year (2016-17),” the sources maintained.
“Pakistan Railways spearheaded by Khawaja Saad Rafique will set the
record of achieving highest ever revenue and its performance and services will further improve in the wake of effective reforms introduced in this sector,” the sources maintained.
Highlighting steps taken by the government to reduce deficit of the
department, the sources said passenger sector and freight sector earned billions of rupees due to the reforms inculcated by the present government in its tenure.
“No bailout package was demanded from the government during the last four years and Pakistan Railways have sufficient fuel stock at present to operate the trains,” the sources said while attributing success story of Railway sector to the unrelenting efforts of
Khawaja Saad Rafique.