ISLAMABAD, Mar 25 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday said Pakistan was today pursuing one of the best foreign policies in two decades and the United States has now come
to acknowledge its role in bringing peace to Afghanistan.
Talking to a group of beat reporters here at the PM Office, the Prime Minister said since coming to power, his government has pursued good and stronger relations with all countries and in particular with those in the region.
He said Pakistan today had exemplary ties with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Turkey, Malaysia and many more and was desirous of further improving these relations in the days ahead.
He, however, pointed to the “war hysteria”, created by the outgoing government of Prime Minister Narendar Modi as the Indian general election was just round the corner. He said “We have concerns” and said “Pakistan needs to keep a full vigil
till the election process is over in India.”
To a question about the remarks of the US President Donald Trump in which he said both Pakistan and the US have good relations and that he would meet Pakistani leadership, Imran Khan said Pakistan was examining the statement.
Trump told reporters at Washington “Pakistan — we’ll be meeting with Pakistan [leadership]. I think our relationship right now is very good with Pakistan,” he was reported as saying.
He said Pakistan was trying to play its part in making the talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban a success as it desired peace in the region. He said he believed that the talks between the two sides would be more fruitful when there was an interim government in Afghanistan and the negotiations were held in neutral settings.