Pakistan proactive partner of China in Belt and Road Initiative: Masood Khalid

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BEIJING, Oct 26 (APP):Pakistan is a proactive partner of China in its important and beneficial global plan – Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and it would continue to be so, Pakistan Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid said.
“We are of course a proactive partner in this initiative and we will continue to be so,” he said in an interview with China Radio International (CRI).
He said that Pakistan is a partner with China in this Belt and Road Initiative. And China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project of this initiative and good progress has been made on this framework.
Terming BRI an open offer by China, he said it is a path for development, prosperity, and well-beings of the people, adding, “When you improve connectivity, communication, trade and commerce, you are basically contributing to the well-being of societies and promoting people to people connectivity with cultural contexts, cultural interaction.”
Masood Khalid opined that the Belt and Road Initiative is a far-reaching, visionary, futuristic initiative, which will benefit not only China but the countries which become part of it.
“Now as far as Pakistan is concerned, of course Pakistan and China are good old friends and we have stood by each other on all occasions,” he added.
He said both the friendly countries have convergence on views on issues which are important and added, “Regionally, globally, we cooperate with each other on multilateral fronts, multilateral forums. We have proved overtime that we are trusted friends of each other.”
About 19th CPC National Congress, he said that China has made great progress in the last five years since the last congress was held.
He said that China’s economy has expanded and China’s economic outreach has expanded, especially the Belt and Road Initiative, unleashed a new momentum for regional and global economic development, adding, “.We are hoping that China will continue to march forward.”
He said that China’s vision of becoming a moderately prosperous society in the next few years is very much welcomed by the international community.
“All in all we are looking forward to how this congress will chart a new road map for China’s future development,” he added.
Responding to a question, he said today’s world is interconnected and interdependent. It is extremely important that China’s economy continues on this growth path, so that, there are no major fluctuations in the global economy.
He said as Chinese people are diligent and hard-working, China will continue to march forward on this part with good planning.
On China’s concept of building a community of shared future for mankind, he said the world is facing quite a bit of turmoil and uncertainties and no single country can handle or tackle these problems on its own. So there has to be a joint and collective effort.
Countries in the world have to at least converge on some fundamental points, on some fundamental issues how to tackle problems of climate change, refugees and terrorism and extremism.
“It is only through common effort and cooperation that we can face these challenges. It is important that we resolve concerns with coexistence rather than confrontation and conflict,” he added.
He said that China’s role in global politics and global economy has increased and will continue to increase.
Now China is the second largest economy, a (permanent) member of UN Security Council, a participant in important regional blocs and regional associations. And China is an important political power and political player.
“So all in all, China’s influence has increased globally and this concept which President Xi Jinping has advocated – a common community of shared future, community of shared destiny, is really a visionary thought,” he added.
When asked as to how Pakistan sees criticism for being all-weather strategic partner of China, he said, one should not be deterred by criticism as long as one is clear about the objectives and about the vision. And the vision of the Belt and Road Initiative is positive, not negative.
He said that Chin has never colonized and never meant aggression. This is a fact of history. So this kind of criticism is unfounded.
“China is helping the world, especially developing countries. And this is wildly welcomed and appreciated by developing countries. So, this kind of criticism is not just, not fair and not valid,” he added.
He said that Chinese leadership has also made it clear that China wishes to focus on its own economic and social stability as well.
He said that China is still a developing country. And China has to continue its efforts to achieve the targets of national development which it has set for the next 5, 10, 15 years.
“So China will continue to move forward in that direction in a prudent and wise way,” he added.
He said as far as Pakistan is concerned, there is a complete consensus in Pakistan across the political spectrum, across all regions and provinces that China is our most trusted friend and partner. And the friendship with China is a cornerstone of Pakistani foreign policies.
There is a complete support all across Pakistan regions and provinces to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he added.