Pakistan poised to enter `hot zone’ of high economic activity, says Nestle MD

Pakistan poised to enter `hot zone' of high economic activity, says Nestle MD

ISLAMABAD, Jan 15 (APP): Citing improving economic

growth, better law and order situation and easing energy
crisis, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of
Nestl‚ Pakistan sees Pakistan poised to enter in the hot zone
of high economic activity, potentially moving to post double-
digit growth.
“With increasing per capita income, gradual improvement
in economic growth, better law and order situation, easing
energy crisis, political stability, exponential gains in
equity market, massive infrastructural development under
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other favourable
indicators, we are hopeful of entering the hot zone, which
tends to open new vistas of robust growth for food and other
industries,” said Bruno Olierhoek, the local head of the
global food giant in an exclusive interview carried by a section
of press.
Having over Rs 100 billion of turnover, Nestl‚ Pakistan
is one of the leading companies operating in Pakistan and
performance of food giant has frequently been referred as a
success story at various forums.
Sharing his forward-looking view, Olierhoek said,” The
local and foreign companies have already started taking
interest in expanding their investment in view of the emerging
“Apart from macroeconomic stability, roads and other
infrastructural development, under the CPEC, will greatly
improve access to remote areas of Balochistan and other
provinces, leading to greater economic activity. The industry
is also expecting huge benefits from power projects being
constructed as major component of CPEC.”
Olierhoek said the Nestl‚ Pakistan was optimistic about
power shortages coming to an end as well as reduction in the
cost of energy, which will eventually cut business cost.
Pledging long term commitment of his company, Olierhoek
said, “Nestl‚ Pakistan attaches great importance to local
market that offers limitless resources and possibilities.”
“Having an emerging middle class, a substantial young
population and increasingly health conscious people, Pakistan
looks eager to offer market penetration after evolving into a
hotspot for investment,” he said suggesting the
establishment/enforcement of a National Quality Council to
ensure uniform standards throughout the country and to further
aid investment for food companies.
Describing the experience of his company, while
referring to successes and contribution of local chapter of
the global food business, Olierhoek termed the uniqueness of
Nestl‚ Pakistan as another source of pride for his side.
“There are several products that have been conceived or
have gained astounding success in Pakistan,” he said
specifically mentioning the popular bottled water brand of
Nestl‚ Pure Life. He revealed the whole idea of launching this
brand was conceived in Pakistan back in 1998, spreading to
Europe in 2000 and the United States in 2002, while the brand
development and product launch was done by Nestl‚ Pakistan
team in Lahore.
“I feel very happy to be in this beautiful country and
people in Pakistan are very warm and friendly, Nestl‚ MD, who
assumed the role of company head last year, said while sharing
his experience of working and staying in Pakistan. “On top of
that, they are food lovers and if you work with Nestl‚, having
motto of Good Food, Good Life, it is really a wonderful place
to be.”
“Since Nestl‚ is all about nutrition, health and
wellness, we want to offer a healthy present and an even
healthier future for the people. That is why we are constantly
working on making our products healthier and tastier”, he said
on a concluding note.