BEIJING, Oct 21 (APP):Chinese Foreign Minister Want Yi on Sunday visited the Pakistan pavilion at the International Charity Bazaar held in Beijing’s National Stadium and appreciated the participation of Pakistan for the noble cause of assisting humanity.
Wang Yi who was welcomed by Ambassador Masood Khalid, his spouse and other senior officials of the Embassy took a keen interest in Pakistani cuisines, handicrafts and Pakistan made footballs.
The event was organized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation, with representatives of about a hundred foreign missions, international organizations and companies in the attendance.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ambassador Masood Khalid said the event brought the diplomatic community together for a common cause and helped in further cementing the existing spirit of friendly cooperation.
“This year we will join China’s efforts in elevating the lives of the poor and those in need in the country,” he added.
He said that China had made remarkable efforts in poverty alleviation and it had lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty over the past 40 years and it planned to eliminate poverty totally by 2020-2021.
Ambassador Masood Khalid informed that Pakistan embassy had remained actively engaged in this activity throughout.
Spouses of our diplomats, Pakistan Embassy College Beijing’s teachers and students have enthusiastically participated and diligently worked to make the event a grand success, he added.
He said the event also provided a firsthand experience to see different cultures with Chinese fusion. In such cross-cultural exchanges, one could traverse the world in just a few hours.
From Asia to Africa; from Europe to America and to as far as Australia one can experience a variety in music, arts, dances, handicrafts and of course food. The cuisine was a one-stop centre for all the participants to taste and savour an array of food from different parts of the globe.
Head of Chancery, Pakistan Embassy, Asim Ali Khan informed that Pakistan pavilion was one of the largest as four stalls were set up.
Pakistan pavilion remained very popular and Pakistani food, handicrafts and traditional dresses showcased to highlight and promote Pakistani culture generated a lot of interest among the participants, he added.
Pakistani pavilion was a huge success due to a display of ethnic embroidered dresses, shawls, bags, cushion, marble artefacts, carved boxes, carpets and especially footballs. Pakistani food was a favourite item and attracted the attention of the visitors.
An exquisite and stunning performance by students of Pakistan Embassy College Beijing attired in colourful traditional dresses enthralledthe wider Chinese and international audience.