Pakistan not prepared to be anyone’s scapegoat: PM


UNITED NATIONS, Sept 22 (APP): Highlighting the country’s
sacrifices in the global counter-terrorism campaign, Prime
Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Thursday said that Pakistan was
not prepared “to be anyone’s scapegoat”.
“Nor can we endorse any failed strategy that will
prolong and intensify the suffering of the people of
Afghanistan and Pakistan and other regional countries.”
“It is especially galling for Pakistan to be blamed for
the military or political stalemate in Afghanistan,” the prime
minister said while addressing the 72nd session of the UN
General Assembly.
He said that Pakistan had suffered and sacrificed much
due to its role in the global counter-terrorism campaign and
it was not prepared to fight the Afghan war on its soil.
“We are not prepared to be anyone’s scapegoat. Taliban
`safe havens’ are located not in Pakistan but in the large
tracts of territory controlled by the Taliban in Afghanistan.”
The prime minister said cross-border attacks did occur,
but those were mostly conducted by anti-Pakistan terrorists
from the “safe havens” across the border.
“To end all cross-border attacks we ask the Afghan
government and the Coalition to support and complement
Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to strengthen border controls and
monitor all movement across it,” he added.