Pakistan looking forward to working with new administration in Washington

FO spokesperson urges int'l community to take notice of Indian atrocities in IoK

ISLAMABAD, Jan 26 (APP): Pakistan is looking forward to working
with the new administration in Washington DC as it has a long-standing relationship with the United States, Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said here Thursday.
Responding to a question at the weekly briefing, he said US President Trump did speak with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif initially and the crux of the conversation was that he had considerable goodwill towards Pakistan.
He sid,”We have a comprehensive dialogue mechanism in place, called Strategic Dialogue, at the ministerial level, which held its meeting last year, and has been regularly holding meetings since 2013.
“This dialogue covers diverse areas, including economic cooperation, security, defense cooperation, strategic, education, scientific research, etc.,” he said. “We hope that in the coming years, we would have further strengthening of this relationship.”
Referring to President Trump’s initial actions of banning  entry of people from seven Muslim countries, he said, “First, in the context of assigning terrorism to one religion, we have always maintained that terrorists
have no religion, faith, cast, creed, color or ethnicity.
“Irrespective of who we are, we all need to work together as one people to rid ourselves of the scourge of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. I have said earlier that terrorism is a global phenomenon and requires global cooperation to fight this menace.”
As regards Pakistan and India, the spokesperson maintained that the core issue between the two countries was Kashmir. This was also the main matter of concern to the world community, he added.
“I have seen a number of statements/articles in the international media reflecting on the situation in Kashmir, Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) and apprehension from regional security perspective.”
Indian belligerence and its hostile posture towards Pakistan, he said, was endangering peace in the region. This was how the international community had perceived the relationship between Pakistan and India.
“We have always welcomed the offers to play the role of a mediator to resolve the issue of Kashmir and other contentious issues between Pakistan and India,” he added.