ISLAMABAD, March 22 (APP):Board of Investment (BoI) Chairman Haroon Sharif Friday said Pakistan was offering huge market opportunities, not only inside the country but also in the whole region due to its geographical location.
Speaking at Pak-Malaysia Business Leaders Roundtable here, he said Pakistan was now connected to Western China and would open up the markets to South Asia and South East Asia.
He said South East Asia had developed very nice managerial skills and Pakistan was looking forward for partnerships in this particular sector, bringing in technology and enhancing productivity with mutual cooperation.
He said Pakistan believed in shared prosperity, adding there was a strong determination by the top leadership to translate the bilateral relationship with Malaysia into transactions, expressing the hope that the roundtable had a great importance in this regard.
He said Prime Minister, Imran Khan, during his Malaysia visit had met 10 investors in Kaula Lumpur adding four of them were attending this session whereas seven had already visited Pakistan in past couple of months to materialize the transactions.
He said the roundtable was held just to acknowledge the presence of Malaysian businessmen and introduce them to Pakistani counterpart.
He said Pakistan was looking that business transactions should be led by business leaders, and not by the governments, whose work was to facilitate and share information.
He said earlier in the colonial and post colonial era knowledge was introduced in the west and translated towards South and the East.
He said world was changing very rapidly, now there were multiple centers of economic gravity and powers in South and East, he said adding south-south learning was extremely critical.
He said Pakistan and Malaysia forged knowledge partnership to learn from each other, adding the memorandums of understanding signed actually show the nature of the partnership.
He said the prime objective of Pakistan prime minister’s visits abroad was to promote to economic cooperation.