Pakistan has started reaping CPEC’s early benefits : PM

APP67-15 BEIJING: May 15 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in a group photo with other World Leaders at the Leaders' Round Table Conference in the Belt and Road Forum. APP

BEIJING, May 15 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Monday said Pakistan had started reaping the early benefits of the China-
Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC) under the initiative of One Belt, One Road (OBOR) for interconnected development.
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in his remarks following the Joint Communique at the conclusion of Belt and Road Forum said CPEC had not only addressed some of the critical needs of Pakistan’s economy, but also started creating supply and logistic chains as well as manufacturing networks, which was having a transformational impact on the lives of people.
He said connectivity was not just about connected countries and businesses, but mainly about connected peoples and nations.
“As we connect Xinjiang with Gwadar and Karachi, we are not only connecting two nations, but on a much broader scale, two regions, which in turn will provide links to the Middle East and Africa on one side and Europe and the rest of the world on the other”.
The Prime Minister congratulated President Xi Jinping for the initiative of “One Belt-One Road” and commended the tremendous efforts of his government and people for making the forum an historic global event.
He said the presence of such a large number of Heads of State and Government and distinguished world leaders at the Forum was testimony to the China’s leadership and acknowledgment of the growing stature of China on the international map.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said as an old friend, it was a matter of immense pleasure for the government and the people of Pakistan to witness the success of this event as well as the transformational potential of OBOR for the peace, progress and prosperity of the people of the world.
He said Pakistan’s support for this seminal initiative was rooted in the postulates that the country had laid down today in the joint declaration.
“In resolving to uphold the spirit of peace, cooperation, openness, transparency, inclusiveness, equality, mutual learning, mutual benefit, and mutual respect, within the framework and principles of the United Nations Charter and international laws, this initiative provides an excellent model for win-win cooperation at the global level,” the Prime Minister said.
He said by acknowledging the natural and cultural diversity of the world and recognizing that all nations of the world can contribute meaningfully, Pakistan had provided global recognition to the role of all nations of the world, as compared to only a few, in its quest for sustainable and inclusive development, harmony, equity, and fairness across the globe.
Prime Minister Sharif said the Forum had been of critical importance and the meeting had generated a reservoir of valuable ideas, thoughts and linkages.
He called for quickly putting in place an institutional mechanism for the continuous periodical review and appraisal of the formulation and implementation of OBOR polices and plans.
“We must take this historically unique opportunity to build a peaceful, progressive, inclusive and sustainable world,” the Prime Minister concluded.