Pakistan for constructive role on Afghan issue


ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (APP): Pakistan welcomed all such initiatives which meant to help solve the Afghan issue that was pre-requisite for regional peace and prosperity, spokesperson of foreign office Nafees Zakaria Thursday said.
“We expect regional countries to play their constructive role in this regard,” he said.
During the weekly media briefing, he said, the 6 Party talks, hosted by Russia on Afghanistan in Moscow which concluded on Wednesday were attended by Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, India and Iran.
The conference, he said, discussed regional approaches to the security situation in Afghanistan and agreed on enlargement of this 6-Party format with the inclusion of central Asian countries, at first.
They also agreed to further increase efforts towards peace and stability in Afghanistan under an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process, he informed.
In Moscow meeting, the discussions were about the situation in Afghanistan and the regional approaches towards peace and stability in Afghanistan.
The impact of the situation in Afghanistan on the regional countries was a matter of concern. Regional countries were getting together to cooperate and enhance efforts towards peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Responding to a query, he said the turmoil in Afghanistan, which was persisting for almost forty years now and especially the current situation in the last few years, had created space for the violent non-state actors and terrorist organizations to find their foothold there.
“We have talked about this on a number of occasions, particularly in the context of previously launched attacks on Pakistani soil, especially attack on Army Public School, in which there were clear indications of the Afghan soil being used to launch terrorist attacks.
We took up the issue with the Afghan DHM because the responsibility for the Lahore terrorist attack was claimed by Jamaat-ul-Ahraar, which is based in Afghanistan,” he said.
“We have before us a number of references and reports filed on the situation in Afghanistan. These include a UN Report of 2014, report by General Nicholson and most recent report filed by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). All these reports highlight that almost all the factors responsible for turmoil in Afghanistan are internal to Afghanistan.”
“This is what we have been talking about. We have urged to the Afghan side earlier, and this time also, to take necessary steps to address our concerns in this regard. We remained committed to provide all necessary support and cooperation to bring about peace and stability in Afghanistan.”