Pakistan Embassy in US celebrate 70 years of Independence


WASHINGTON, Aug 14 (APP): A large number of Pakistani Americans
visited the Pakistan Embassy in Washington to celebrate 70 years of freedom with a pledge to contribute towards development and progress of their motherland.
The embassy opened its gates for an “Open House” to mark the day as
part of festivities that will continue during the coming months. Pakistani Americans from Washington and the neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland came in large number to together celebrate the Independence Day.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry paid rich tribute to
Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan as due to his relentless efforts, Muslims of the Subcontinent were able to secure a separate homeland for themselves.
The ambassador also admired the great Muslim philosopher and poet Allama
Muhammad Iqbal who first presented the idea for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent. Commenting on the tremendous sacrifices rendered by the Muslims of the Subcontinent, Ambassador Chaudhry stated that Pakistan was a home to 200 million people who were blessed with great potential and were firmly committed to the progress and well-being of their country.
He urged Pakistani Americans to contribute towards development and
progress of the entire nation. The Ambassador underscored that Pakistan despite making a modest start in the beginning after gaining independence, had made tremendous strides in all domains over last 70 years.
“Pakistan with a passage of time has attained a prominent position in
the comity of nations. At present, Pakistan is an atomic power having tremendous resources including a dynamic and intelligent youth,” he added.
Ambassador Chaudhry said in recent years, Pakistan had successfully
reversed the tide of terrorism whereas other countries in the world were still grappling with the scourge of terrorism. “Recently, Pakistan has witnessed a tremendous economic turnaround and all fundamental economic indicators are projecting upwards which is a great achievement,” he added.
While commenting on Pak-US relations, Ambassador Chaudhry said that
Pakistan and the US would be celebrating 70th anniversary of friendship this year. “Pakistan attaches great value to its relations with the United States spanning over seven decades and we are committed to further strengthen these bilateral relations.”
He urged the Pakistani Americans to act like a bridge between country of
their origin and the country of their residence. He further added that Pakistani Americans should actively participate in the mainstream politics and play a constructive role in the peace and prosperity of the US.
The Ambassador emphasized that the second generation Pakistani Americans
must stay connected with their motherland while actively participating in all facets of American polity including political and socio-economic sectors.
On the occasion, national songs were played by young Pakistani singers
which enthralled the distinguished guests particularly the younger generation. A Group of Pakistani performers presented regional and folk dances. A mesmerizing Tabla performance was given by Nabeel Riaz.
A Cultural Unity Show on the theme of “Rhythm of Unity” was also
arranged to pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. The traditional Pakistani stalls were also setup which attracted many Pakistani American visitors. Young children in traditional dresses of various parts of the country were one of the major attractions of the event.
Towards the end, Ambassador Chaudhry remarked that we should celebrate
our successes on the 70th independence anniversary and learn from our mistakes in order to march forward as a great nation. Ambassador prayed that Pakistan may make progress by leaps and bounds.