Pakistan Embassy hosts students representing country at US event


WASHINGTON, Feb 16 (APP): The Pakistan Embassy in the United States on Thursday hosted a group of students from a school in Islamabad who will represent the country at an event in the US capital of Washington.
The event called the North American Invitational Model Nations (NAIMUN), sponsored by the Georgetown University is being held from Feb. 16-19 at a local hotel, and is a unique exercise in which students assume the role of delegates and represent different countries in various committees.
Pakistan is being represented by a delegation of 20 students from the Headstart, a Private School in Islamabad. 3500 students from 40 countries have been divided into 39 Committees and would participate in the debate contest with pre-assigned topics.
Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani welcomed the students at the Embassy and encouraged them to participate in the event with confidence and project Pakistan’s positive image in the Model UN event.
After talking to each of the participants, Ambassador Jilani admired the talented students who had prepared their subjects with serious commitment and were geared to perform well.
Ambassador Jilani also briefed the students about the historic relationship between Pakistan and the US spanning over 07 decades. The bilateral ties between the two countries had improved significantly over the last few years and there was a greater understanding in the US about Pakistan’s role and sacrifices in the global fight against terrorism, he added.