Pakistan elected as independent chairperson of FAO council

ISLAMABAD, Jul 10 (APP): Pakistan’s candidate has been elected as
independent chairperson of the council of food and agriculture organization (FAO) for the term 2017-19 in an election held in Rome.
According to a statement issued here, Khalid Mehboob, nominated by
Pakistan, was one of the six candidates along with Albania, Bosnia, Cyprus, Slovakia, and Indonesia.
Khalid Mehboob won the election by an impressive margin by securing 64 votes. The closest runner up received 32 votes.
Mehboob brings a vast experience of over 54 years encompassing both
private sector and FAO. He has been serving as Advisor/Alternate Permanent Representative of Pakistan to FAO, WFP and IFAD from 2010 to date.
At Present Mr. Mehboob is Chairman of the FAO Finance Committee
This successful election is an acknowledgment of Pakistan’s role and
contribution to the FAO.