LAHORE, Oct 11 (APP): Federal Finance Minister, Senator Ishaq Dar said on Tuesday that Pakistan’s economy was at take off stage and all economic indicators moving in the right direction.

Talking to the media here at Ghussal Ceremony of Mazar Hazrat Data Ganj Bukhsh (RA), he said that Pakistan’s future was very bright and it would soon emerge as a strong and highly regarded economic state in the world.

Ishaq Dar said that some negative forces did not want to see development, progress and prosperity in Pakistan, however, the present government was committed to remove all obstructions in the development process of the country, and it would not let these forces to succeed
in implementing their nefarious designs.

The Finance Minister said that incidence of terrorism had been reduced substantially and the menace would soon be eliminated from the country.

He called upon all segments of society to play their due role in the progress of the country and serve their motherland as adoration, asserting that transperancy and good governance in the country must be ensured at all levels.

Ishaq Dar said that Islam was a religion of love, peace and
brotherhood, and Hazrat Data Ganj Bukhsh (RA) had always advocated the message of peace.