Pakistan deeply interested to strengthen ties with US: Ambassador Chaudhry

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WASHINGTON, July 7 (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United

States Aizaz Chaudhry has lauded the Student Exchange Programmes between the two countries which help to promote people-to-people contact and act as a bridge in further cementing bilateral relations.
He was speaking with a 10-member delegation of young Pakistani female
students, who are currently visiting the country, sponsored by the Summer Sister Programme.
The programme is funded by the US Embassy in Pakistan in collaboration
with various American universities including George Washington University, American University, Duke University, Georgetown University, John Hopkins University etc.
“Pakistan and the US had enjoyed historic relations spanning over seven
decades and Pakistan is deeply interested in further strengthening the relations,” the ambassador told the students.
Under the Summer Sisters Programme, the US Pakistan Women’s Council
helps lower-to-middle income Pakistani High School Girls explore new education and career options in pre-college programmes at the top US colleges and universities.
Ambassador Chaudhry warmly welcomed the Pakistani students and greatly
appreciated Summers Sister Programme for providing tremendous exposure to the young female students.
While appreciating the confidence and conviction of the young Pakistani
students, Ambassador Chaudhry remarked that Pakistani women are very intelligent, committed and passionate about their country.
He urged the young students to work hard and give their share in
connecting Pakistan with the rest of the world by promoting positive image of the country.
Since 2013, the Summer Sisters Programme has tripled in size and many
Pakistani students have benefited.