Pakistan creates favorable socioeconomic eco system: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD, April 27 (APP): Minister for Planning, Development
and Reform, Ahsan Iqbal said that Pakistan has achieved an
economic growth rate of 5 percent and has able to create a
favourable socioeconomic eco system which enjoys political
Minister Iqbal remarked that a favourable ecosystem has
resulted in attracting the interest of key global investors which
are now eying Pakistan as a potential market for investments.
Minister Iqbal expressed these views during his address to
Youth on Thursday at Fast School Management here at a seminar on
“CEPEC Myths And Realities.”
Ahsan Iqbal said that CPEC presents Pakistan with a historical
opportunity to uplift the country’s status as the hub of economic
activity in the region.
Minister Iqbal urged the the youngsters to prepare themselves
in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by CPEC and play
a constructive role in transforming the economy to a modern
industrial economy by adding value at different levels.
Minister apprised the audience that China is promoting
regional and global connectivity across the Asia Pacific region as
part of its One Belt One Road initiative. Similarly, Pakistan’s
Vision 2025 focuses on helping Pakistan to leverage its geo-
strategic location in order to explore the inherent economic
Mr Iqbal noted that CPEC is a fusion of Pakistan’s vision 2025
and China’s Vision of One Built One Road initiative.
He said that CPEC has changed the global narrative about
“The country which was ranked as the most dangerous country of
the world is now recognised as the next emerging economy”. Minister
Iqbal further pointed out that Government of Pakistan’s has forced
the global media to recognise Pakistan as a safe haven for
investments which once called Pakistan as safe Heaven for
Ahsan Iqbal further noted that CPEC energy projects will
result in generation of additional 10,000 MW which will be added
into National Grid by 2018.
He remarked that increased energy production capacity will
help to overcome the prevailing energy crisis.
He said that Energy mix adopted under CPEC includes coal,
hydel and renewable energy projects. He further stated that the
present government for the first time under CPEC is tapping the Thar
Coal reserves which can be a source of energy supply for many
hundred years.
Mr Iqbal categorically rejected claims that coal power plants
would create environmental hazards,Pakistan is using super critical
modern technology which reduces hazardous emissions.
He said that CPEC is the platform of inclusive growth , where
85 thousands jobs will create for the youngsters.