ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,
Thursday said that Pakistan believe in the viability of SAARC (South
Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) to achieve the cherished
goal of a prosperous and developed South Asia.

“I take this opportunity to reaffirm Pakistan’s commitment to
the objectives of SAARC and our journey together towards achieving
our shared objectives under its umbrella,” the Prime Minister said
in his message on the 31st anniversary of SAARC and the 32nd SAARC
Charter Day.

Nawaz Sharif said as its founding member, Pakistan stands
steadfastly by the principles of the SAARC Charter and added that it
was in manifestation of the same spirit that Pakistan had made all
preparations for hosting the 19th SAARC Summit.

However, the postponement of the Summit has deprived our
people, once more, of the prospects of development, prosperity and
regional cooperation, he added.

He felicitated the SAARC member states and its citizens on the
31st Anniversary of the establishment of SAARC and the 32nd
Anniversary of SAARC Charter Day.

“We celebrate, today, the spirit with which our leaders,
entrusted by the people, worked towards the culmination of the SAARC
Charter, and the subsequent establishment of SAARC,” he said.

The Prime Minister said more than three decades ago, they
committed to engage in a collaborative regional effort, geared
towards delivering on the promise of a better life for their people.

However he regretted that while SAARC had, albeit survived, it
did not triumph as had been envisaged, falling behind on the
commitments and the promises that we had set out to achieve progress
and prosperity for the common people.

He expressed his sincere wishes for the happiness, harmony,
peace and prosperity of people of South Asian region.