Pakistan calls for greater engagement across cultures to counter xenophobia


NEW YORK, May 9 (APP): Pakistan’s culture defines its humanity and
reflects the spirit of a nation on the upsurge, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi has said, while calling for promoting greater engagement across cultures to counter xenophobia.

“Today, the amazing outpouring of art and literature in Pakistan is the
most forceful response to a tiny minority that seeks to impose an alien orthodoxy,” she told a large and distinguished gathering amidst applause at the start of the festival, the first time a Pakistani cultural festival has been held abroad.

“Lahore has arrived in New York,” the Pakistani envoy said of the US
city known as the one that never sleeps. “Nor does Lahore by the way!” Lahore, she said, has led the national engagement with modernity and it  embodies the country’s unique identity as a modern nation and ancient civilization.