Pakistan a major player on world cotton scene: ICAC Chief


ISLAMABAD, Oct 31 (APP): Pakistan is a major player on the world
cotton scene, said the Executive Director of International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) Jose Sethi.
“The long history and importance of cotton in Pakistan make it a
natural choice to host the ICAC’s Plenary meeting.Fittingly ,Pakistan took steps to become a member of ICAC in July 1948, almost immediately after becoming an independent country “, he said while addressing the participants of 75th Plenary meeting of ICRC since
1939 here at local hotel today.
Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar inaugurated the international conference.
The ED ICAC said that ICAC has honoured of holding its plenary meeting in Islamabad.
The history of cotton, he said was inextricably linked to the subcontinent and some of the earliest trace of cotton cultivation and domestication have been found in the region that today is Pakistan.
Jose Sethi added that Pakistan’s semi-arid climate was well suited to
the demands of this small plant that was used to make fabrics and that clothe millions of people all over the world.
“So it comes to no surprise that today is Pakistan’s most important
crop and the backbone of its industry.Pakistan is also a major player on the world cotton scene”, he remarked.
He said that Pakistan’s annual production averaged two million tons, making the forth largest producer in the world.
“The harvest is almost all consumed domestically by Pakistan ‘s thriving textile industry , which employs more than 40 percent of the country’s industrial work force and accounts for more than 50 percent of exports earnings”, he remarked.
Pakistan , he said hosted an ICAC plenary meeting for the first and
only time and therefore , a return to Pakistan was long overdue and ICAC members enthusiastically accepted the gerneous offer of the Pakistani government to host the 75th edition of our annual event.
The EDICAC said that its meetings were a forum for the discussion of
international issues of the importance to the world cotton industry, and provide opportunities for industry and government leaders from producing, consuming and trading countries to consult on the matters of event of the world cotton calendar and took forward to a fruitful and productive week of discussion , as well as to enjoy the warmth and
hospitality of the Pakistani people.