Pak Navy to hold Multi National Exercise AMAN-2017 from Feb 10-14


KARACHI, Feb. 8 (APP): Pakistan Navy with the motive to devise
procedures and techniques against conventional and non conventional
threats will hold fifth of its series of multi-national naval
exercise AMAN 2017 from February 10 to 14.
Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini, Commander of Pakistan Fleet in a
media briefing here on Wednesday said the country exposed to series of
maritime related security challenges was fast strengthening cooperation
and mutual trust at regional and international levels.
“AMAN 2017 an important component of these efforts,” he said was
being participated by 36 countries including China, USA, Russia, Turkey,
Japan, Great Britain, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Maldives,
Nigeria and others.
“Presence of these friendly countries from all over the world was
a manifestation of the firm resolve of international community towards
peace and stability in the Indian Ocean,” said the Commander of
Pakistan Fleet.
Reiterating that through AMAN 17, Pakistan Navy will further
strengthen its regional and extra regional countries, Vice Admiral
Hussaini said 15 Ships alongwith two P3C Orion aircraft, five
helicopters, 11 Special Operation Forces/EOD teams are also important
modules of the exercise.     Mentioning that Pakistan’s maritime challenges were mainly due
to its geographical location, he said with the inception of China
Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Gwadar Port, maritime activity
in the North Arabian Sea was likely to be increased manifold.
He said that the traditional threats that arise from regional conflict and political interests coupled with emerging security challenges in form of piracy, human smuggling and drug trafficking have also made
security of Indian Ocean more complex, elaborated the Commander
Pakistan Fleet.
It was in the given backdrop that Pakistan Navy has strengthened
its relations with allies and through sincere efforts has been the
first country to join Task Force  – 150 that falls under the fold of
Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan (CMCP), meant to eradicate terrorism,
besides human, drug and arms trafficking in the maritime domain.
“Pakistan Navy in accordance to UN resolutions had in 2009 also
joined CTF -151 meant to counter piracy,” said Vice Admiral Hussaini.
Besides North Arabian Sea, PN ships were also mentioned to be
ensuring free sea trade in the waters of Gulf of Aden.
He emphasized that alongwith these efforts PN has been regularly
organizing multinational exercise AMAN to make Pakistan a peaceful and
strong country.
“AMAN 2017 will provide an opportunity to gather international
maritime community at one platform to promote peace and stability,”
said the Commander of Pakistan Fleet.
It was said to include present day maritime operations as well as
professional and cultural activities ashore.
Multinational exercise AMAN 2017, he said has been divided into
two phases – Sea and Harbor phases respectively comprising Open Sea
Exercises, International Maritime Conference (IMC) besides sports,
social and cultural activities.
About aims and objectives of the Exercise, he said the primary
focus is to have a platform that may promote mutual understanding and
In reply to a question, he said the previous four exercises of
AMAN series were organized in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 participated
by large number of  ships, special operation forces (SOF).
Observers from reputed navies of the world were said to have also
been important part of the previous exercises.