Pak Embassy in US hosts Sufi musical concert

ISLAMABAD, May 21 (APP): The Embassy of Pakistan in the US hosted a
Sufi musical concert in collaboration with ‘The Embassy Series’ on the occasion of 70 years of friendship between Pakistan and the US.
Ustad Dilshad Hussain Khan, an international violinist, composer and
musicologist enthralled the audience with his performance on instruments, interspersed with recitation of Sufi poetry, said a press release received here on Sunday from Washington.
The Ambassador of Pakistan to US Aizaz Chaudhry in his remarks
mentioned that the history of Pakistani music dated back to ancient times. The early form of some of Pakistani stringed musical instruments was unearthed in their rudimentary form from excavations
in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. Pakistani musicians, like Ustad Dilshad, continue to inspire and entertain people with their talent and finesse.
He highlighted the importance of fostering linkages and friendship
through the language of music, poetry, and other genres of art.
The Ambassador thanked Jerome Barry and his team for their support in
engaging Ustad Dilshad to perform at the Embassy.
The event was attended by more than two hundred people including
Pakistani- Americans, officials of various US government departments and American public.